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"GNOSTICISM" - By Mark Mayberry

The present interest in Gnosticism generated by "The Da Vinci Code" book and movie, as well as the ongoing need to distinguish the difference between human wisdom from divinely revealed truth, makes this study of Gnosticism by Mark Mayberry especially important and pertinent.  We thank him for permission to post his article on Bible Answers.

Unity in Diversity

A two-part series on UNITY IN DIVERSITY by Wayne Partain.  Articles appeared in THE PRECEPTOR (Vol. 50, No. 1 & 2), January & February, 2001.  MUST READING for all who are interested in the subject of unity and fellowship.

"Freemasonry and the Christian"

A study of Freemasonry with particular emphasis on whether a Christian should be a member of the Masonic Lodge.   Includes material on the history, organization, rites, degrees, symbolism, religious philosophy and religious practices of Freemasonry.

"Sound Words" Reprint

A Special Issue on the All-Sufficiency and Authority of the word of God.  Nine gospel preachers present important lessons on the nature and authority of the inspired scriptures.  (A reprint of SOUND WORDS, Vol. I, No. 06).

The "One Covenant" Doctrine

Lessons, notes and charts on the doctrine that God has always and only had "one covenant" with His people, and that those who are not Christians or in "covenant relationship" with God are not amenable to the gospel today.

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Check out the Bible questions others have asked along with the Bible answers they received!  You may find a question you have wanted to ask -- or decide to ask your own!  Either way, we hope you find this new section useful as you learn God's word!


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