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Scripture Reading: John 7:25-31

The False Jesus Loved by the World

(Part 1)



1.  The real Jesus is not the Jesus the world thinks it knows, Jno. 1:10.

2.  Like ancient idols, people fashion Jesus into the image they prefer Him to be.

3.  Jesus warned of false Christs 2000 yrs. ago, Matt. 24:24.

4.  Here are some of the attributes of the false Jesus loved by the world.


#1 Jesus will allow everyone into heaven. Matt. 7:21-23; Lk. 13:23-24

  a.  Universalism: 100 Scriptural Proofs That Jesus Christ Will Save All Mankind, by Thomas Whittemore (1840). "...commented on 100 Scriptures that declare the salvation of all mankind." ( (Unitarian Universalist Assoc.) - Doctrine of no eternal hell

  b.  Christian Universalism is a school of Christian theology which includes the belief in the doctrine of universal reconciliation, the view that all human beings will ultimately be restored to a right relationship with God in Heaven and the New Jerusalem. (Wikipedia)


#2 Jesus came to bring peace, not division. Matt. 10:34-39

  a.  Jesus did bring spiritual peace from sin with God, Eph. 2:14-18.

  b.  Jesus also brought the division that results from spiritual conflict.

  c.  Protestantism sanctions division while calling it peace -- denominationalism (unity in moral and doctrinal diversity): 

    "Denominations are beautiful. While some within the Church see them as schismatic and unhelpful, I see them as lovely, imperfect variations on a single, pure theme.... The beautiful fruit of essential truth is that we are free to fly more freely with secondary issues. On issues that arenít the Gospel and donít pertain to the Gospel (that which is of first importance), Christians have this wild freedom to lovingly differ with their brothers and sisters. We query the Bible, ponder the implications and form our theology as our conscience allows" (Why We Need Denominations, Jason Todd, 1 Jno. 2:18-19


#3 Jesus doesn't require obedience. Lk. 6:46; Jno. 14:15; Heb. 5:9; 1 Pet. 1:22

  a.  An article reprinted in Pulpit Helps (7/84) tells this story: "A small boy asked the preacher, 'Sir, What can I do to be saved?' The preacher replied, 'Son, you're too late.' 'What!' exclaimed the boy, 'too late to be saved?' 'No,' said the preacher, 'too late to do anything. You see, son, Jesus already did it all two thousand years ago." (via The Christian Chapel Bulletin, 1/92; cited by David Pratte, Gospel Way)


#4 Jesus doesn't require holiness. Lk. 11:33-36; Heb. 12:14

  a.  People make different (not sinful) "choices" (cf. LGBT), 1 Cor. 6:9-11.

  b.  Moral defilement does not enter the Lord's presence, Rev. 21:27.



1.  We cannot fashion Jesus into our desired image; to do so amounts to having no faith in Jesus at all! Jno. 14:6

2.  Give up your false Jesus for Jesus who is the Christ, the Son of the living God, Matt. 16:16.

3.  To be continued...Part 2.



By: Joe R. Price

Posted: December 4, 2015