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Scripture Reading:  Luke 7:44-50

Sinners and Jesus

(Luke 7:36-50)


1.  Jesus’ conduct was what many least expected from one claiming to be the Son of God Lk 7:34.

2.  Lk 7:36-50: Sinful woman washing Jesus’ feet: An act of loving humility and faith (7:36-39); Parable of two debtors (7:40-43); Jesus contrasts Simon and the woman (7:44-47); Jesus regards her faith and forgives the sinner woman (7:48-50). cf. Matt 11:28-30 Practical lessons for us.



  A.  The Woman Realized her Sin and her Need for a Savior, Lk 7:37-38 (She seemed conscious of nothing else).

    1.  She came to Jesus / Weeping / Considered an outcast.

    2.  Yet, Jesus received her, saw her faith and forgave her sins.

    3.  We must know our sin before we will come to Jesus, Lk 15:1; Psa 51:1-4; Acts 2:36-38, 41 (Isa 53:3-4).

  B.  Simon’s Sin Never Crossed his Mind, Lk 7:39.

    1.  When he thought of sin it was the woman’s, not his own!

    2.  He was too busy judging the woman and Jesus to consider his sin (Matt 7:1-2; Jno 7:24).

    3.  Refuse self-serving and self-righteous judgments, Matt 7:3-5.

  C.  By Realizing our Terrible Spiritual Condition we will have Greater Appreciation for Our Forgiveness, Lk 7:40-43.

     -Know we have nothing with which to pay for our debt of sin. Come to Jesus empty-handed, totally dependent on Him, Lk 7:42.

  D.  The Relation between Knowing our Spiritual Need and Love.

    1.  Because the woman knew her own need, she showed love to Jesus in humble acts of honor and adoration, Lk 7:37-38, 44-47.

    2.  Simon, not seeing/knowing his needs, showed little love for Jesus.

    3.  When we realize our own need for the Lord and the depths from which we have been lifted, we will be stirred to love and care for others, 1 Jno 3:16; 4:9-11, 19-20.



  A.  Simon did not Extend Common Courtesies Given a Guest, Lk 7:44-46 (Gen 18:4; Rom 16:16; Psa 23:5).

    1.  Feet (courtesy); Kiss (salutation of respect); Oil (mark of honor).

    2.  Woman went beyond courtesy: Washed feet with tears, dried with hair; Kissed feet, anointing them with perfume, not common oils.

    3.  If you are mistreated, overlooked or ignored, remember Jesus was treated the same way, 1 Pet. 2:21-23.

      a.  Sometimes those who treat you this way are those who claim to be righteous (really only self-righteous).

      b.  The absence of common courtesy is really the problem of a lack of love (Matt 22:39; 1 Jno 3:18).



  A.  Both the Woman and Simon were Sinners.

    1.  Woman had sinned openly; All knew it (1 Tim 5:24).

    2.  Simon also sinned; He was “respectable” (not condemned by all; not an outcast).

    3.  His sins of self-righteousness and condescension toward the woman (and Jesus) were not considered evil at all (Lk 18:9-12)! Simon was unaware how awful his own behavior was.

    4.  There are many “respectable” sinners today:

      a.  Good moral people, but religiously wrong, Matt 7:21-23.

      b.  Christians with a “holier-than-thou” attitude.

      c.  Christians who oppose some part of God’s plan (elders, marriage, purity of character, etc.), Gal 1:6-9.

      d.  Christians who never grow to maturity, Heb 5:12.

      e.  Christians who sow discord and strife - Rom 16:17.

      f.  Christians with inactive faith (Jas 2:17).

    5.  All the above are sinners, but not always viewed that way: ”Respectable sinners!” Lk 18:9 (Rom 3:23; 6:23) Redefining sin!



  A.  The Woman had many Sins, and all were Forgiven, Lk 7:47-50.

    1.  Since God forgave her, He will also forgive you!

    2.  cf. Saul (1 Tim 1:15); Murderers of Christ (Acts 2:38, 41); the Corinthians (1 Cor 6:9-11).

    3.  Don’t let your sins keep you from coming to Jesus!



  A.  The Woman Showed Courage in Coming to Jesus.

    1.  As an outcast she was open to scorn, expulsion and mistreatment, yet she came to Jesus, showed great faith and was saved!

    2.  Those who love God develop courage (1 Jno 4:18):

      a.  They cast off fear (2 Tim 1:7).

      b.  They put on determination (Phil 4:13).

      c.  They will not be ashamed (1 Pet 4:16; Mk 8:38).

      d.  They will gladly let others know they love the Lord.



1.  Matt 11:28-30: Woman came to Jesus and her faith saved her (Lk 7:50). Her load was lightened as she found rest from her sin.

2.  May each of us recognize our need and courageously come to Jesus in faith - He forgives and saves.