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Scripture Reading: Psalm 15:1-5

The Character of One Who Dwells with the Lord

(Psalm 15)



1.  Politicians regularly say their opponents are lying. Profanity-laced rhetoric is increasingly used, then minimized; Pervasive, the norm.

  a.  President Trump’s history of insults/disrespectful treatment.

  b.  Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib: Profanity-laced vow to impeach the President minimized by House Speaker Pelosi.

  c.  Actor Christian Bale, at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony, credited Satan with inspiring his performance of former VP Dick Cheney. (Church of Satan: "Hail Christian! Hail Satan!”)

  d.  Protester interrupted CA governor’s swearing-in ceremony.

2.  None of this is new. Christians must continue to be salt in a putrid world and light in a dark domain, Matt. 5:13-14.

3.  “Ways to Know if Someone has Integrity” (Sean Kelsey).

4.  Psalm 15: Definition of the righteous person. Character of integrity and holiness of the one who dwells in God’s presence and favor.

  a.  Psa. 15:1: The question is raised.

  b.  Psa. 15:2-5: The question is answered.


I.  POSITIVELY, Psa. 15:2, 4.

  A.  Walks Uprightly (2).

    1.  Walk in God’s truth, Psalm 26:3.

    2.  Guided by God’s wisdom, not the ungodly person’s counsel, Psa. 1:1; Prov. 2:1-15; 4:5-9; Col. 2:3.

  B.  Works Righteousness (2); 1 Tim. 6:11; 2 Tim. 2:22; 3:16-17.

    1.  Sincere intention, cf. Acts 24:16; Heb. 13:18.

    2.  Practices what he preaches; Is not a hypocrite, cf. Isa. 33:14-16.

  C.  Speaks Truth in His Heart (2).

    1.  Truth is not “just the best option at the moment,” it is the character of the heart, cf. Jas. 4:8.

    2.  Thinks of true things…defines his/her integrity, Phil. 4:8.

  D.  Despises Irreverence and Honors Reverence (4); Psa. 24:3-5; Rom. 1:32.

    1.  Rejects, does not value and does not give comfort to despicable people. Does not support evil conduct of evil people.

    2.  Honors those who fear God, cf. 3 Jno. 5-8.

  E.  Keeps His Word, Even When it Hurts Him (4).

    1.  Actor Neal McDonough: Fired for refusing sex scenes.

    2.  Gibeonites, Joshua and Israel, Josh. 9:18-19.

    3.  Integrity of our word must be stronger than our self-preservation, (Jesus) Matt. 5:33-37. Reliability, dependability


II.  NEGATIVELY, Psa. 15:3, 5.

  A.  Does not Backbite (3); Rom. 1:30.

  B.  Does not do Evil to His Neighbor (3); Prov. 24:29 (Matt. 7:12).

  C.  Does not Spread Damaging Reports of a Friend (3).

    1.  Giving others the benefit of the doubt (1 Cor. 13:5).

    2.  Even when sin is confirmed, it still thinks the best; Does not set out to destroy another person by hurtful words, etc., Jas. 5:8-9.

  D.  Does not Take Advantage of Others (5). Usury (Law of Moses forbade taking interest from fellow Israelite, Exo. 22:25; Lev. 25:36)

  E.  Does not Profit by Harming the Innocent (5). Take no bribes (Isa. 1:23; 5:23; Jer. 22:17; Ezek. 22:12)



1.  God will bless the righteous, although the world will not, Psa. 5:12.

2.  “He who does these things shall never be moved,” Psa. 15:5.

3.  Make your call and election sure, and enter the everlasting kingdom, 2 Pet. 1:10-11.







Nancy Pelosi on Tlaib’s profanity toward the President:


“I probably have a generational reaction to it,” Pelosi said. “But in any event, I’m not in the censorship business. I don’t like that language, I wouldn’t use that language. I don’t … establish any language standards for my colleagues, but I don’t think it’s anything worse than what the president has said.”


She added, “Generationally, that would not be language I would use, but nonetheless, I don’t think we should make a big deal of it.”

(“Pelosi downplays Rashida Tlaib’s profanity-laced vow to impeach Trump, as Republicans fume,” foxnews.com)



“Ways to know if someone has Integrity” (Sean Kelsey, C.O.O., The DWI Guys)

1. Taking responsibility for their actions.

2. Putting others’ needs above their own.

3. Offering to help others in need.

4. Giving others the benefit of the doubt.

5. Choosing honesty in all things.

6. Showing respect to everyone.

7. Manifesting humility.

8. Being able to admit they’re wrong.

9. Showing regular reliability.

10. Conveying true kindness.



Actor Neal McDonough (refuses sex scenes)

“After that, I couldn’t get a job because everybody thought I was this religious zealot. I am very religious. I put God and family first, and me second. That’s what I live by. It was hard for a few years.”


“The New York Daily News added the network’s decision to replace McDonough was a shocker because he is known for refusing sex scenes due to his religious beliefs.”


“I won’t kiss any other woman because these lips are meant for one woman,” he declared.


McDonough told Closer Weekly he had no regrets ditching love scenes with his on-screen wife Nicollette Sheridan in “Desperate Housewives.” McDonough appeared in that series from 2008 until 2009.


“When [creator] Marc Cherry signed me, I said, ‘I’m sure you know, but I won’t kiss anybody,’” recalled McDonough. “He was like, ‘But this is ‘Desperate Housewives!’ I said, ‘I know.’ He paused for about five seconds and said, ‘All right, I’m just going to have to write better.’ And we had a great time.”


“Almost 20 years, five kids and just one heck of an awesome life later, to have her as my partner in everything, I’m just the most blessed guy I know,” said McDonough. “That’s why I go to church every day and say thank you to God for everything he’s given me. And most importantly, thank you for giving me Ruvé, because, without her, I most certainly would not be talking with you right now.”

(“Neal McDonough recalls being reportedly fired from ABC's 'Scoundrels' for refusing sex scenes,” Stephanie Nolasco, foxnews.com)




By: Joe R. Price

Posted: January 8, 2019