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Scripture Reading: Psalm 110

Christ the King, Priest, and Judge

(Psalm 110)



1.  NT quotes from OT often (several hundred times, actually 2,300 if you count allusions and paraphrases (Dr. Joel McDurmon, “God’s favorite Bible verse”).

  a.  2nd most quoted OT verse in NT is Lev. 19:18 (7 times).

  b.  Most often is Psalm 110 (quoted or alluded to 23 times; quoted in 11 of the 27 books, and by 7 of the 9 writers).

2.  Jesus quoted from this psalm and implicitly applied it to Himself, Matt. 22:41-46.

3.  Describes the Anointed One (Christ, Jno. 1:41) subduing His enemies and blessing His faithful subjects as King-Priest-Judge. Events of Psalm 110 are fulfilled in Jesus. (Lk. 24:44-45)


I.  CHRIST, THE KING, Psalm 110:1-3.

  A.  The Psalm Begins with the Ascension of David’s Lord (Sovereign) to His Throne (1); Dan. 7:13-14.

    1.  Apostolic emphasis of this passage: Fulfilled in Jesus, Acts 2:32-36; Eph. 1:20-23.

    2.  Christ is now ruling on David’s throne, Psa. 132:11 (Lk. 1:32-33).

  B.  Yahweh will Vanquish the Lord’s Enemies during His Reign (110:1), cf. 1 Cor 15:24-26.

    1.  At God’s right hand, all things subject to Him, Matt. 28:18; 1 Pet. 3:22. cf. Psa. 89:19-23, 34-37

    2.  God began to subdue Christ’s enemies in Acts 2:

      a.  By the power of the gospel, 1 Jno. 3:8; Rom. 1:16; and

      b.  By His providential rule over the nations, Rev. 19:15-16.

    3.  Last enemy abolished -- Death, 1 Cor. 15:25-26 (Rev. 20:13-14).

  C.  He Rules with Authority, Psa. 110:1-3 (Matt. 28:18).

    1.  Lord (King, Ruler), v. 1-3. Sovereign power at God’s right hand, Heb. 1:13, 3-7.

    2.  Rod, v. 2; Scepter of His majesty power, Heb. 1:8-9.

    3.  Volunteers in the day of His power, v. 3; Acts 2:34-41. Conversion and redemption of His holy people, Eph. 2:12-13.

        -He reigns in the splendor of holy innocence as King of kings (110:6), 1 Tim. 6:15.


II. CHRIST, THE PRIEST, Psalm 110:4.

  A.  Appointed by God, Heb. 5:1-6. (Not Law of Moses priest, Heb. 7:12-14; 8:4)

  B.  His Priestly Service Gives You Access to God’s Mercy, Heb. 4:14-16; 6:19-20; 8:1-3.

    1.  Order (likeness) of Melchizedek, Heb. 7:1-3 (Gen. 14:18-20).

      a.  Divine appointment, not by earthly lineage, Heb. 7:3 (5:4).

      b.  Unchangeable priesthood, Heb. 7:3, 20-25.

      c.  Perpetual service and access to mercy, Heb. 7:25 (4:16), 8:1-2; 9:11-15.

    2.  Our salvation and service to God would not be possible without our High Priest! Heb. 10:19-25.

    3.  Christ is “King of Righteousness and Peace,” Jer. 23:5; Zech. 6:12-13.


III.  CHRIST, THE JUDGE, Psalm 110:5-7.

  A.  Judge the Nations, cf. Psa. 2:8-12.

    1.  Providentially, cf. Matt. 24:28-39; Acts 17:26; 12:23 (1 Tim. 2:2).

    2.  Final judgment of humanity, Acts 17:30-31.

  B.  Judgment is a Day of His Wrath Against Sin, Psa. 110:5.

    1.  Whether of nations (Rev. 6:15-17) or individuals (Rom. 2:5-6).

    2.  Justice and punishment, v. 6-7; Isa. 11:3-5.

      a.  Because He knows what is in man, Jno. 2:24-25.

      b.  His word executes judgment as it gives mercy to those who put their trust in Him, Rev. 19:15; Psa. 2:11-12.



1.  “What do you think about the Christ? Whose Son is He?” Matt. 22:42 (Son of David…Son of God!)

2.  “Kiss the Son” – Offer yourself willingly, Psa. 2:12; 110:3. Obey the King and be saved by God’s mercy that is made available to the High Priest, lest you face the wrath of the Judge.



By: Joe R. Price

Posted: August 14, 2018