Textual Sermons

Truth and the King's Penknife

1. Judah was being ruled by wicked king Jehoiakim, son of Josiah, 2 Chrn. 36:5.
2. God commanded His words be written, Jeremiah 36:1-2.
3. How people received God's word then is a commentary on how men respond to God's word today. We must examine how we react to what God's word says.

  A. Please Note: Scripture is from God, not Man, Jeremiah 36:2, 4, 8, 10-11, 29.
    1. How was it obtained? Jeremiah 36:17-18 (2, 4); 1:9
      -Words of Jeremiah = Words of Jehovah, Jeremiah 36:10-11.
    2. Authoritative:
      a. 2 Pet. 1:21; Heb. 1:1-2; 2 Tim. 3:16.
      b. God's word, not man's, 1 Ths. 2:13 (1 Cor. 14:37; Gal. 1:11-12).
      c. We must believe and obey scripture because it is from God!
  B. God Gave the Scriptures to Expose Sin, Jeremiah 36:2-3.
    1. Preach the word (scripture, 3:16) to reprove, rebuke...convict of sin, 2 Tim. 4:1-2; Tit. 1:9.
    2. God sent a word we can know (understand) so that we can know (understand) our sin. (Rom. 7:7)
    3. It is right for us to read and apply scripture, and with it to reveal God's judgment against sin.
  C. God Gave the Scriptures To Produce Repentance, Jeremiah 36:3, 7.
    -Correction comes through knowledge of the truth, 2 Tim. 2:24-26.
  D. God Gave the Scriptures to Command Godly Living, Titus 2:11-12.
-2 Tim. 3:16-17-

  A. Baruch: Obedient, Jeremiah 36:8. cf. Matt. 7:21, 24-27.
    1. Today: People think they can partially obey and still please God.
  B. The People of Jerusalem: Heard but Unresponsive,  Jeremiah 36:10 (cf. Isa. 6:9-10); 4:4.
    1. Hearts deceived and fattened by sin - Unreachable.
    2. Today: Many do not understand the scriptures, not because it is impossible, but because their hearts and lives reject it.
  C. Princes: Fear without Repentance, Jeremiah 36:13-19.
    1. Curious to hear it, 36:15.
    2. Afraid of it, 36:16..
    3. Asked questions, 36:17-18.
    4. Afraid of its consequences, 36:19
    5. Yet, Didn't stand up and accept it, Jeremiah 36:24. cf. Acts 24:24-25
  D. King Jehoiakim: Utter Contempt, Jeremiah 36:20-26.
    -(Cut it up, burned it, not afraid, persecuted messenger)
    1. How to be saved - Cut and burn!
    2. True worship - Cut and burn!
    3. Moral conduct - Cut and burn!
    4. Modern penknives (Others have tried to use Jehoiakim's penknife):
      a. Modernism toward the Bible.
      b. Doctrines of men (Matt. 15:6-9).
      c. Perversions without Bible authority (Gal. 1:6-9).
      d. Twisting (2 Pet. 3:16).
      e. Alternations vs. obedience (1 Sam. 15:22-23).

  A. God's Word Survives Every Onslaught and Rejection, Jeremiah 36:27-28, 32. [1 Pet. 1:23-25]
  B. Transgressors will be Destroyed, Jeremiah 36:30-31 (2 Chrn. 36:5-6; Jer. 22:18-19). [Rom. 2:5-6]

1. Shall we be like Jehoiakim? (Change, reject and/or try to destroy what we don't agree with in the word of God?)
2. If so, this will surely cost us our souls, Jno. 8:31-32; 12:48.