I. "COVENANT" (Old Testament):

01285 bariyth {ber-eeth'}

from 01262 (in the sense of cutting like 1254); TWOT - 282a; n f

AV - covenant 264, league 17, confederacy 1, confederate 1, confederate + 01167 1; 284

1) covenant, alliance, pledge la) between men
la) treaty, alliance, league (man to man)
1a2) constitution, ordinance (monarch to subjects)
1a3) agreement, pledge (man to man)
1a4) alliance (of friendship)
la5) alliance (of marriage)
1b) between God and man
1b1) alliance (of friendship)
1b2) covenant (divine ordinance with signs or pledges)
2) (phrases)
2a) covenant making
2b) covenant keeping
2c) covenant violation

  A. Covenants God Has Made With Man.
    1. With Noah (to save from the flood in the ark) - Gen. 6:18.
    2. With Noah and all living things (to never again destroy earth with water) - Gen. 9:8-17.
    3. With Abraham and his seed - Gen. 15:18; 17:2-8, 19-21; Exod. 2:24-25; 6:4-5.
      a. Land - Gen. 15:18; Exod. 6:4-5.
      b. Nation- - Gen. 12:2.
      c. "All nations blessed through his seed" - Gen. 22:18.
      d. The covenant of circumcision - Gen. 17:9-14.
    4. The Law of Moses with the nation of Israel - Exod. 19:5-6; 24:8; Deut. 4:13, 23, 31; 5:2-3; 29:1.
      a. The Sabbath (with Israel) - Exod. 31:16.
      b. The book of the covenant - Exod. 24:7; 2 Kings 23:2-3.
      c. The blood of the covenant - Exod. 24:8.
      d. The words of the covenant... .the ten commandments - Exod. 34:10, 27-28.
      e. The salt of the covenant - Lev. 2:13.
      f. Arrangement of the showbread in the tabernacle (everlasting) - Lev. 24:8-9.
      g. The priesthood to Aaron and his Sons (everlasting) - Num. 25:12-13.
      h. The conditions for blessings and curses - Deut. 29:1, 9-13, 14-2 1, 25.
      i. The ark of the covenant - Num. 10:33; 2 Chron. 6:11.
      j. The two tables of the covenant - Deut. 9:9, 11, 15; 1 Kings 8:21.
    5. An everlasting covenant with David - 2 Sam. 23:5; 2 Chron. 7:18; 21:7.

  B. Covenants Man Has Made With God.
    1. Jehoiada (priest) made a covenant between himself, the king, Jehovah and the people - 2 Kings 11:17; 2 Chron. 23:16.
    2. Covenant to put away foreign wives - Ezra 10:3.

  C. The Nature Of Covenants Between God And Man.
    1. The Form Of A Promise - Gen. 9:9-17.
    2. The Form Of An Oath - Deut. 4:3 1.
    3. The Form Of A Commandment - Deut. 4:13; Josh. 23:16.
    4. God's Covenant is Equated With God's Voice - Judges 2:20.
    5. Everlasting (age-lasting) - cf. 1 Chron. 16:15-18.

  D. Old And New Covenant - Jeremiah 31:31-34.
    1. "New covenant" (v. 31-32) - "new, new thing, fresh" (Strong's, Online Bible).
      a. v. 32 - Explanation given of how it would be "new."
      b. Not the same covenant God made with Israel at Mt. Sinai - Exod. 19:5; 24:6-8.
      c. Israel broke that covenant in spite of the provisions God made for them under it.
    2. "This is the covenant that I will make.., " (v. 33-34).
      a. The Holy Spirit provides us with God's interpretation, application, and fulfillment of this prophecy in Hebrews 8:7-13 (10:15-18).
      b. The "new covenant" of Jeremiah 31:31-34 is none other than the covenant of Christ, His gospel or New Testament. Heb. 8:6-7, 13; Heb. 9:15; 10:9

II. "COVENANT" (New Testament):
  A. 1242 diatheke {dee-ath-ay'-kay} from 1303; TDNT - 2:106,157; n f

AV - covenant 20, testament 13; 33

1) a disposition, arrangement, of any sort, which one wishes to be valid, the last disposition which one makes of his earthly possessions after his death, a testament or will 2) a compact, a covenant, a testament 2a) God's covenant with Noah, etc.

  B. New Testament Passages Using The Word "Covenant" (diayhkh, diatheekee).

(Englishman's Greek Concordance of the New Testament, Wigram, page 144)

(diayhkh, diatheekee)

Mat. 26:28: my blood of the new testament,
Mar. 14:24: my blood of the new testament,
Lu. 1:72: to remember his holy covenant;
22:20: This cup (is) the new testament in
Acts 3:25: of the covenant which God made
7:8: he gave him the covenant of
Ro. 9:4: the glory, and the covenants, and the giving
11:27: this (is) my covenant unto them,
1Co 11:25: This cup is the new testament in
2Co. 3:6: able ministers of the new testament;
3: 14: in the reading of the old testament;
Gal. 3:15: Though (it be) but a man's covenant,
3:17: the covenant, that was confirmed
4:24: for these are the two covenants;
Eph. 2:12: strangers from the covenants of
Heb. 7:22: made a surety of a better testament.
8:6: the mediator of a better covenant,
8:8: when I will make a new covenant
8:9: Not according to the covenant that
8:9: they continued not in my covenant,
10: this (is) the covenant that I will make
9:4: the ark of the covenant overlaid
9:4: the tables of the covenant;
9:15: the mediator of the new testament,
9: 15: (that were) under the first testament,
9:16: For where a testament (is), there must
9:17: For a testament (is) of force after
9:20: This (is) the blood of the testament
10: 16: This (is) the covenant that I will make
10:29: counted the blood of the covenant,
12:24: the mediator of the new covenant,
13:20: the blood of the everlasting covenant,
Rev. 11:19: his temple the ark of his testament: