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Scripture Reading: Matthew 4:12-17

Matthew 4:12-25: The Messiah Begins His Work

(His Teaching)



1.  The mission of Christ: Serve, sacrifice, seek and save (Matt. 20:28; Lk. 19:10).

2.  His struggle with Satan teaches us how to overcome temptation (remember what sustains man Ė word of God; Humble reverence for God; worship and serve God), Matt. 4:1-11.

3.  Jesus begins his work of teaching, Matt. 4:12-25.



  A.  The Place: Galilee (Fulfilled Prophecy), Matt. 4:12-16, 23.

    1.  Isa. 9:1-2: Gentiles as well as Israel would benefit from his light.

      a.  Land of darkness of despair (cf. Assyria invasion), sin, ignorance, despair, 4:16.

      b.  Great light, 4:16. Jno. 1:4-5, 9 (8:12): His teaching brought the illumination of truth and life from the death of sin.

  B.  The Message: The Gospel of the Kingdom, Matt. 4:17, 23.

    1.  Repent, the kingdom is at hand; the gospel.

      a.  Some brethren trying to tell us that Jesus was preaching the Law of Moses to Jews.

      b.  Repent and believe the gospel, Mk. 1:15.

      c.  Preach the kingdom of God in the synagogues, Lk. 4:43-44.

    2.  Jesus preached the gospel of peace beginning from Galilee after John, Acts 10:36-37.

    3.  Jesus preached peace by fulfilling and removing the Law of Moses Ė not preaching it, Eph. 2:13-18.

    4.  Jesus preached peace in kingdom of God, Isa. 2:2-4; 11:6-10.

  C.  The Disciples: Called to Follow Jesus, Matt. 4:18-22.

    1.  Help call sinners to salvation, 4:19; Mk. 16:15; Acts 2:39.

    2.  Immediacy of response, 4:20, 22 (Heb. 3:7-8).

    3.  Sacrifice of responding, 4:22; Matt. 19:27; Lk. 5:11 (business, family, livelihood, Lk. 9:23).

  D.  The Power: Divine Healing for the Suffering, Matt. 4:23.

    1.  Miracles healed the physically sick, Lk. 4:40-41; 5:17.

    2.  Showed his power to heal souls that are devastated by sin, Lk. 4:18-19 (Mk. 2:5-12).

    3.  Christís power will heal you and me, too! Matt. 11:28-30

    4.  The miracles of Jesus:

      a.  They confirmed his message (Jno. 14:11).

      b.  They showed he was the prophesied Messiah (Isa. 35:5; Matt. 11:2-6; Jno. 5:36).

      c.  They proved the kingdom of God has come (Matt. 4:23; 10:7-8; 12:28).

  E.  The Response: News Spread Quickly and Many were Healed, Matt. 4:24-25.

    1.  His fame was reported throughout all of Syria, 4:24 (Lk. 4:14).

    2.  Christians today: We should be motivated to quickly spread the good news of salvation because he has healed us from sin! Matt. 4:24 (2 Tim. 2:2)

    3.  None were turned away; none were beyond Christís power to heal.



1.  Jesus had to endure Satanís temptations in order to do His work. We also have to.

2.  Let Jesus be the light of your life Ė By walking in the gospel He preached and being healed from sin by the power of God.