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Scripture Reading: Matthew 13:44-46

The Pearl of Great Price

(Matthew 13:44-46)



1.   People put a value on just about everything; most are trying to obtain and maintain “valuable” things.

2.   Two parables illustrate the value of kingdom (Hidden treasure and Pearl of great price, Matt 13:44-46.

3.   Christian’s values must be different from those of the world, Matt 16:26; Lk 12:15.

4.   All of us are merchants in the marketplace of life. For what are we searching? Are we wise or foolish merchants? Are we placing the proper value on the proper things (kingdom)?



   A.  The World’s List of Life’s Most Valuable things (1 Jno 2:15):

      1.   Material wealth / financial security, Lk 12:15-21.

         a.   No lasting benefit...hoarding does not bring happiness, only hurt, sorrow, pain and anger! Eccl 2:7-9; 5:13-17.

         b.   Godliness with contentment holds real value, not materialism! 1 Tim 6:6-10

      2.   Sensual pleasure (Hedonism: “the philosophy which holds that the pursuit of pleasure is life’s highest purpose,” (It’s A Playboy World, Banowsky, p. 9). Eccl 2:10-11, 4-6.

         a.   Epicureans: “The chief purpose of man is to achieve...a life of pleasure.” (Zondervan’s Bible Dictionary) Acts 17:18

         b.   Such a person is an enemy of God! Jas 4:3-4

         c.   Spiritual satisfaction hold real value, not fleshly passion!

      3.   Worldly wisdom/learning, Eccl 2:12-14.

         a.   Nothing wrong with education until it is becomes an end in itself (and disdains those who don’t meet its standard), cf. Jno 7:15; Acts 4:13.

         b.   The word of the cross is true wisdom, not “superstitious nonsense”, 1 Cor 1:18-25; Col 2:3.

         c.   Spiritual wisdom holds real value and surpasses all human wisdom! Col 1:9-11

      4.   Prestige and prominence (high station), Eccl 4:13-16.

         a.   Will always be someone with more honor, Lk 14:7-11.

         b.   Those who value prestige will be humbled! 14:11

         c.   To be honored by God holds real value above every exaltation given men by other men! 14:10


   --None of these are the ‘pearl of great price’!

    B.  The Pearl of Great Price: The Kingdom of Heaven, Matt 6:33.

      1.   Salvation is secured and fellowship with God is realized in the kingdom.

      2.   All else is insignificant in comparison, Phil 1:21; 3:8; 4:19.

   C.   Appraising the Value of the Kingdom of Heaven (‘pearl’):

      1.   Bought with blood of Jesus, Rev 5:9-10. (Redemption from sin, salvation of the soul, fellowship with God, heavenly citizenship, every spiritual blessing, Eph 1:3.)

      2.   Possessing it means:

         a.   True treasures for the poor (in spirit), Matt 6:19-21; 5:3.

         b.   True inheritance for the meek, Matt 5:5.

         b.   True sustenance for the famished (for right.), Matt 5:6.

         c.   True security for the troubled (for their faith) Matt 5:10.

      3.   Never depreciates in value: “Sweeter as the years go by”!



   A.   He Desired the Better things in Life, Matt 13:45. We must desire the best things! cf. Mary, Lk 10:38-42

       -We must desire righteousness to ever seek and obtain it!

   B.   He could Discern Between Genuine and Counterfeit Pearls, Matt 13:46.

      1.   Spiritual discernment to choose righteousness, Phil 1:9-11.

      2.   Scriptures are our standard of assessment, Acts 17:11.

   C.  He was Determined to get the Pearl, Matt 13:46 (Matt 7:7-8).

      1.   Are we almost persuaded? Are we easily hindered?

      2.   Are we like Zacchaeus? Lk 19:3-6



   A.   The Purchase was Made:

      1.   Immediately, 13:46 (“he went”). Didn’t delay! 2 Cor 6:2

      2.   At great expense (costly) “sold all that he had”, Lk 14:33.

         a.   Eliminate every sin to be right with God, Matt 5:27-30 (18:8-9).

         b.   Self-denial and sacrifice (Lk 9:23).

      3.   Without regret, Matt 13:44 (Paul, Phil 3:7-8).



1.   What value are you placing on the kingdom of heaven?

2.   The goals you have, the choices you make and the faith you live reveals the value you place upon the rule of God in your life! (Matt 6:33-34)

3.   The kingdom exists; will you enter it and be saved?! Col. 1:13; Jno 3:5