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Scripture Reading: Matthew 13:31-33

The Growth of the Kingdom

(Matthew 13:31-33)



1.   In the previous parables Jesus has discussed the growth of the word of God in the heart of man (Matt 13:18-23) as well as the growth of sons of the kingdom in the world as they are surrounded by the sons of the wicked one (tares, Matt 13:24-30, 36-43).

2.   Matt 13:31-33: Jesus pictures the growth of the kingdom and its permeating influence.

3.   Remember: Parables are pictures from everyday life that show what the kingdom in like, Mark 4:30.



   A.   By First Sowing the Seed, Mk 4:26 (Lk 8:11).

      1.   Kingdom does not grow by military power or political prowess; by the word of the kingdom planted in good and honest hearts, Matt 13:19; Mk 4:20.

      2.   Kingdom does not grow by gimmicks, techniques, movements or methods; it grows by the word of God – one soul at a time, 1 Pet 1:22-23.

      3.   We know growth comes from the power of the word of God, Rom 10:17; 2 Pet 3:17-18.

   B.   We do not see how God Causes the Kingdom to Grow in a Person’s Life, but the Effects of that Growth are Visible, Mk 4:27-28.

      1.   We can’t see the invisible work of the word on the heart (the process of conversion, salvation and maturity), but we see its effect in our lives. cf. Isa 55:11 (Jer 23:29).

      2.   God brings the seed to full growth, 1 Cor 3:6.

      3.   We can’t see the word working in the heart, but we know it is by seeing its results: Attitudes change, faith develops, obedience transforms conduct as character becomes godly.

         -cf. Barnes Notes, Mark 4:27-28

      4.   Growth process occurs because Jesus rules in the heart.

   C.   After Growth comes the Harvest, Mk 4:29.



   A.   Personal Growth in the Kingdom is Similar, Luke 17:21.

      1.   Small beginning as a babe in Christ (born again, 2 Cor 5:17).

      2.   Faith grows, love abounds, patient endurance, 2 Ths 1:3-4.

      3.   As you received Christ, even so walk in Him, Col 2:6-7.

   B.   From a Small Beginning to Great Increase, Acts 1:8.

      1.   12 apostles…120 disciples…3000…5000…multitudes.

      2.   Gospel was made known to all nations, Rom 16:25-26; Col 1:23 (cf. Dan 2:34-35). Today: Christians all around the world!

      3.   Growth happens today when the seed is planted in hearts!

         a.   Growth occurred because Christians went about preaching the word, Acts 8:4; cf. 17:6.

         b.   We need to get the seed out of the barn into the soil!

      4.   Growth will happen; we must spread the seed!



   A.   The Permeating Influence of the Kingdom.

      1.   The outward growth of the kingdom is the result of inward change, Rom 12:1-2.

      2.   Principle: Whole person will be influenced by the word of the kingdom, Gal 5:7-9.

         a.   Cannot be a Christian at the building and a sinner at home (on Monday)!

         b.   Goodness and righteousness spread like leaven (just as sin also spreads, 1 Cor 5:6-7).

   B.   The Kingdom will have its Effect on the World, Matt 5:13-16.

      1.   When Christians keep godly influences in our lives.

      2.   Cannot live in callous disregard of our influence and maintain holiness in the fear of the Lord (2 Cor 7:1).



1.   Later, the apostles would ask Jesus if He was about to restore the kingdom to Israel, Acts 1:6-7.

2.   In truth, the kingdom would spread from Jerusalem and fill the whole earth, as the seed (word of God) was planted in hearts and allowed to do its work in men’s lives.

3.   The kingdom will grow and flourish the say way today; By allowing it to work its changes in you, Phil 2:12-13.