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Scripture Reading: Matthew 14:22-27

Jesus Walks on Water

(Matthew 14:22-33)



1.  Matt 14:22-33: The exciting and exhausting events of the day now conclude with the Lord protecting His disciples, praying to the Father and persuading His disciples to have greater faith in Him as the Son of God.

2.  Purposes perceived: People, physical (Jno 6:15); Jesus, divine (Matt 14:23); Disciples, obey the Master (Matt 14:22).

3.  Magnificent miracles attest to the truth: “Truly, you are the Son of God”! Matt 14:33


I. THE LORD AT PRAYER, Matt 14:22-23; cf. Jno 11:41-42.

   A.   Prayer: A Period of Soothing and Refreshing Relief.

      1.   Day had been exhausting; the work unending.

      2.   Present strains upon Jesus included:

         a.   Multitude pressing upon Him with false conclusions, intentions and expectations, Jno 6:15.

         b.   Eminent rejection by many disciples, Jno 6:60.

         c.   Disciples’ hearts were still hard, Mk 6:52.

         d.   The training of the 12 apostles.

         e.   Daily appeals by the multitudes, Lk 5:15-16.

         f.    Daily conflict with / danger from opponents (incl. Herod).

         g.   Daily trials and temptations (Lk 22:28).

      3.   App. In suffering, joy, petitions, thanksgiving…Jas 5:16; Phil 4:6-7; 1 Ths 5:17-18; Psa 55:16-17.

         a.   Do not lose heart; persist in prayer, Lk 18:1; 11:5-8.

         b.   God will not forsake the righteous, Psa 55:22.


II.  CONTRARY WINDS, Matt 14:24.

   -“Tossed” (basanizo): “harassed, distressed, tortured”; struggling (toiling, KJV) against a head wind. Both boat (14:24) and disciples    (Mk 6:48).

   A.   The Contrary Winds of False Doctrines, cf. Eph 4:14.

      1.   Disciples were evidently swept away with the excitement of making Jesus a king, Jno 6:15; cf. Mk 6:52 (Acts 1:6-7).

      2.   Jesus constrained (KJV) / compelled them to leave, 14:22.

         -App: The Lord’s commandments protect us from spiritual danger, cf. 1 Tim 1:5-7.

      3.   We can be swept away by error through excitement, emotion, false concepts – Be careful! 2 Pet 3:16-18; 2:1-3

         a.   Plan of salvation “exceptions” (Acts 22:16).

         b.   MDR situations and attempts to justify unlawful remarriages (Matt 19:6, 9; Rom 7:2-3).

         c.   One true church vs. unity in diversity (Eph 4:4).

      4.   We need to be wise and leave the environs of error instead of being swept away by it!

   B.   The Contrary Winds of Compromise, Gal 2:5; 2 Cor 6:14-18.

      1.   Compromise with sin and error promises “smooth sailing”, but dangers lurk in the darkness; storms of sin blast from the deep, Jude 12-13.

      2.   No compromise with the world, 1 Jno 2:15-17.

      3.   No compromise with false teachers, Jude 3-4.

      4.   Fellowship with error destroys our souls! 2 Jno 11

   C.   The Contrary Winds of Trials, Heb 12:1-3.

      1.   Reproached for your faith, 1 Pet 4:14-16.

      2.   Physical challenges, 2 Cor 4:11, 16-17.

   D.   Some Notable Lessons:

      1.   The Lord sees us straining against contrary winds, Mk 6:48. (Song: Does Jesus Care?) Heb 13:5-6

      2.   Straining against “contrary winds” can weaken or strengthen, Jas 1:2-4. Weakens the flesh but strengthens and purifies the spirit! 2 Cor 12:7-10; 1 Pet 1:6-7

      3.   Lord did not go to them at the first sign of trouble, but He did come, Mk 6:48; Matt 14:25; Opportunity for diligence.



   A.   The Word of Jesus Calms Fears, Matt 14:26-27.

      1.   God’s word gives assurance and strength, 1 Jno 2:14.

      2.   Trust the word of Christ to protect and save you, Jas 1:21; Eph 6:13-14.

   B.   Go to Jesus for Salvation, Matt 14:28-29; 11:28; Acts 22:16.

   C.   Keep Your Eyes on Jesus, Matt 14:29-31 (Heb 12:2).

      1.   Little faith doubts your ability to do what Jesus says you can do with His help, Phil 4:13.

      2.   You can be faithful, grow, serve, obey and live!

   D.   The Power of Jesus, the Son of God, Matt 14:32-33.



1.   Jesus will save you from the storms of sin, of life and of doubt.

2.   You must trust Him by unqualified obedience in the face of challenges, trials and distress. Nothing will overwhelm you in Christ, Rom 8:37-39.