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Scripture Reading: Matthew 13:53-58

Not Without Honor

(Matthew 13:53-58)



1.   Someone has said “you can never go home”. The Lord faced this reality when He returned to “his own country” and taught in their synagogue (Matt 13:54).

2.   Matt 13:54-58: The bitter reactions and unreasonable rejection Jesus encountered remind us to be careful to give honor to whom honor is due and to avoid all bias and prejudice because these hinder us from accepting and living by the truth of God.



   A.  They were Offended, 13:57; cf. 1 Pet 2:7-8.

      1.   Due to personal biases, 13:54-56.

         a.   Lack of formal education, 13:54.

         b.   We know who you are! 13:55-56 (Carpenter, Mk 6:3)

         c.   Who does he think he is? 13:56

      2.   Due to unbelief, 13:58.

         a.   Astonished, but hardened their hearts against the evidence of His words and His works, 13:54.

         b.   Today: “I know it’s true, but… (Lk 6:46)

         c.   Jesus did not cast His pearls before swine, Matt 13:58; Mk 6:5-6 (Matt 7:6).

      3.   Produced wrath, cf. Lk 4:23-29.

         a.   Jesus indicted them of faithlessness and it enraged them.

         b.   Evidence was true: they did not want to hear the truth! (cf. How we react to the truth today)
   B.  How People Rationalize Rejection of the Truth.

      1.   Kill (discredit) the messenger, Lk 4:29.

         a.   Where is he from? 13:54

         b.   Where has he been? 13:56

         c.   Who taught him? 13:54, 56 (Mk 6:2)

         d.   Who is he related to? 13:55-56

      2.   Familiarity often breeds contempt, Mk 6:4. Many refuse the truth because of who is speaking it to them! Irony: those who love them tell them the truth, and they reject it, cf. Gal 4:15-16.

         a.   Discounted/rejected because a neighbor tells you truth.

         b.   Discounted/rejected because family tells you the truth.

         c.   Discounted/rejected because familiar preacher tells you. (Tit 2:15)



   A.  Focus on the Message, not the Messenger, 1 Cor 3:5; 2:1-5.

      1.   Whether caused by preacheritis or contempt, we must love the stated word of God more than self and anyone else!  Psa 119:97

      2.   The gospel is valid; its message truth, Gal 1:11-12.

   B.  Test what You are Taught by the Scriptures, Acts 17:11; 1 Jno 4:1 (6).

      1.   Jesus taught them the Scriptures, cf. Lk 4:18.

      2.   Jesus applied the Scriptures to Himself and to them, Lk 4:21, 24-27.

   C.  Test Ourselves, 2 Cor 13:5.

      1.   Faith: Unbelief prevented them from honest examination.

      2.   Humility: Pride prevented them from accepting the truth.

         a.   Do I really want the truth?

         b.   Do I argue against the Bible?

         c.   Am I willing to break with personal tradition and/or with family in order to do God’s will? Matt 10:34-39



   A.  Jesus Deserves All Honor, Jno 5:23.

      1.   Jesus is given honored when we believe His word and submit to Him in obedience, Matt 15:8-9; Jno 12:26.

      2.   In worship, service and sacrifice, 1 Tim 1:17; 6:16; Rev 5:12-13 (19:1).

   B.  Others to Whom We are to Give Honor (Rom 13:7)…

      1.   Parents, Eph 6:1-2. (God promises blessings)

      2.   Your wife (husband), 1 Pet 3:7; Eph 5:33. (Your flesh)

      3.   Rulers, 1 Pet 2:17, 13-16 (Matt 22:21). (Ordained by God)

      4.   Your employer, 1 Tim 6:1. (So God is not blasphemed)

      5.   Elders, 1 Ths 5:12 (1 Tim 5:17). (For their work’s sake)

      6.   Brethren, Rom 12:10. (Preferring)

      7.   Widows indeed, 1 Tim 5:3 (16). (Caring)

      8.   All people, 1 Pet 2:17. (Live without bias and prejudice)



1.   Honor Jesus by believing and obeying Him and the word of His apostles and prophets. Matt 10:40-41

2.   All will bow in honor to Him on Judgment Day, Rom 14:10-11.

3.   Do not join those who were offended at Jesus!