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Scripture Reading: Acts 3:22-26

The Day of Salvation

(Acts 3)



1. The gospel had a glorious beginning on Pentecost, Acts 2.
2. The church had a remarkable continuance, Acts 2:42, 47.
3. Acts 3: Snapshot of a day in the lives of two apostles in Jerusalem. It was a day of healing and salvation for a lame man and the crowd.


I. A DAY OF HEALING, Acts 3:1-11.
  A. The Man did not Expect what He Received, Acts 3:1-7 (5).
    1.  He thought he knew what he needed, but God knew better.
    2.  Consider the things for which we may “beg”: 
      a.  The freedom of the world...bondage of sin (2 Pet. 2:19).
      b.  Everything others have…covetous excess (Col. 3:5).
      c.  Recognition…fall in our pride (Prov. 16:18).
      d.  Do we beg for truth? For forgiveness? For contented godliness? 
  B.  The Man Praised God for His Healing, Acts 3:8-9.
    1.  He new the value of his physical healing.
    2.  We must know the value of and praise God for our spiritual healing.
  C.  The People were Amazed, and Gathered, Acts 3:10-11.
    -The man was seeking alms and found healing….what are you seeking? (Matt. 6:33)


  A.  Introduction - 3:12. Healing was from God. 
  B.  Peter’s Sermon - 3:13-18.
    1.  Sermon of antithesis (direct opposites) --




3:13: God glorified His Servant Jesus (by miracles)

You delivered Him up

Pilate determined to release

You denied Him

3:14: He was Holy and Just

You asked for a murderer

3:15: He was the Prince of Life

You killed Him

God raised Him from the dead

Proof: Witnesses


    2.  His “name” (power), and “faith in His name” healed the man, 3:16.
    3.  Faith in Christ was the prerequisite of the person working the miracle, not the person receiving it (cf. Jno. 11:43-44; Matt. 12:22).
    4.  In ignorance they killed the Messiah…as God’s prophets had foretold, God had now fulfilled, 3:17-18.

    5.  They are guilty of sin against the Messiah; So are all who are in the world without Christ!
  C.  Gospel Invitation of Salvation, Acts 3:19-21.
    1.  Parallel to and an explanation of Acts 2:38; 3:19.
    2.  2nd coming at the last day, 3:20.
    3.  Restoration: “To set in order” - The spiritual restoration accomplished in the apostolic age, 3:21; cf. Isa. 49:5-6; Heb. 9:10; Col. 2:16-17.
      a.  It is what the prophets spoke about, 3:21.
      b.  They spoke of “these days”, 3:24.
      c.  Time element (“to you first” – to the Jews): The apostolic age.
         -The crowd was seeking answers and found they were guilty of sin…and that redemption was possible. Are you seeking for the answer to your sins? You should be.


III. A DAY OF DECISION, Acts 3:22-26.
  A.  A Prophet to be Heard, Acts 3:22. In all things, Heb. 1:1-2; Col. 3:17.
  B.  The Disobedient are Lost Forever, Acts 3:23; 2 Ths. 1:8-9.
  C.  The Prophetic Message Fulfilled in Jesus Christ, Acts 3:24.
  D.  The Jewish People were Situated to Believe, Obey and be Blessed with Redemption, Acts3:25-26. 
    1.  Their leaders opposed the gospel, 4:1-3.
    2.  Many believed and were saved through the gospel, 4:4.

      a.  God is seeking sinners who will hear and obey Jesus so He may bless them with salvation.

      b.  Will He find you?


1.  The apostles were charged with “disturbing the peace” (4:2-3), but it was the gospel of peace that was brought peace to many souls that day – and continues to do so.
2.  Same peace is offered to us. Will today be your “day of salvation



By: Joe R. Price

Posted: May 20, 2013