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Man's "Little Bang"
Joe R. Price

After 16 years and $10 billion, scientists at the Large Hadron Collider (a 17-mile tunnel beneath the Swiss-French border) have successfully collided proton beams in an experiment to test their theories about subatomic particles and the forces at work one billionth of a second after the Big Bang (which they theorize created the universe 14-20 billion years ago – give or take a few billion!). (Geneva atom smasher sets collision record, Alexander G. Higgins, AP, Yahoo!News, March 30, 2010) That’s a lot of money, time and energy for such a little bang!

     The size of these proton collisions is infinitesimal, but the expectation is that as the two proton beams continue to collide more and more particle showers will provide data for researchers about the forces at work at the beginning of the universe.

     It is incredible to my little pea brain how men are able to do such amazing things and yet deny the existence of the Creator. While using physical analyses to unravel the forces of the universe’s origin they inadvertently provide testimony of the Biblical truth that “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen 1:1). Consider the origin of all things from Genesis 1:1:

     Time (“In the beginning…”). Evolutionists believe that given enough time the universe has expanded and evolved from an original “bang” to its present enormity. It took men time (16 years) to build the Large Hadron Collider in Europe. It took God but six days to create the heavens and the earth (Exo 20:11).

     Intelligence (“…God…”). It certainly required much intelligence to build this accelerator, formulate the experiments and then study the results. Yet most of these same intelligent people refuse to acknowledge that premise concerning the design of the universe. Just as we see intelligence behind the Collider’s design, intelligence is seen in the universe’s design.

     Force (“…created…”). Energy is being exerted upon proton particles to accelerate them to a tremendous speed leading to the transfer of energy at the point of collision. The difference between this force and God’s creation is that God introduced the physical forces of speed, friction, heat, etc. as part of His creation. Where did the energy come from for the scientists’ Big Bang? The Bible says God used His force to bring into existence all the forces that now exist in the physical world (Heb 11:3; Rom 1:20).

     Space (“…the heavens…”). It takes a 17-mile tunnel for men to produce a “little bang”. But, with a word, God created the immensity of the heavens (Psa 19:1). The Big Bang of scientific theory (with its necessary billions of years) is NOT the creation recorded in Genesis 1.

     Matter (“…and the earth.”). The study of origins implies a beginning, yet those who deny creation must eventually accept that matter has always existed. But, nothing comes from nothing; everything comes from something. Man had to introduce the proton particles into the accelerator to produce their “little bang”. The First Cause of the entire universe is God (Psa 33:9).

     The Creation model and the Big Bang model cannot co-exist. In truth, men’s attempt to recreate their Big Bang theory implies a Creator and His creation. It took men time, intelligence, force, space and matter to achieve this scientific breakthrough. In the beginning (time) God (intelligence) used His power (force) to create the heavens (space) and the earth (matter). We see man’s power and design when we observe the Large Hadron Collider. We see God’s power and deity when we observe His creation (Rom 1:20).


You can find the complete outline of this sermon plus PowerPoint and MP3 Audio files at BIBLE ANSWERS

God's Love on Display

Scripture Reading:  Romans 5:6-11

1. Paul prayed that Christians will know the love of Christ, Eph 3:14-19.
2. The love of Christ is great, expressed, sacrificial and demonstrated, Eph 2:4-5; 1 Jno 4:10-11; 1 Jno 3:16; Rom 5:8.


  A. The Condition of Man, Eph 2:1-3; Gal 4:3; Rom 3:9-20, 23; 1:18; Col 1:20.


  A. Justified by His Blood, Rom 3:20, 24, 28; Titus 3:7.
  B. Saved from Wrath of God, Rom 2:5-10; 3:25 (propitiation).
  C. Reconciled to God, 2 Cor 5:18-20.
  D. Saved by His Life (from the dead, resurrection), Rom 4:25; 8:34 (Jno 10:17-18).


  A. Rejoice in God through Christ, Rom 5:1-5.
    1. We have peace, Eph 2:14-18.
    2. We have access to and stand in grace by faith, Rom 5:20-21 (Eph 2:8).
    3. We hope of glory, Col 3:4.
  B. The Love of God has been Poured Out in our Hearts! Rom 5:5
    1. By the Spirit of God (cf. Eph 3:17; 5:17-18).
    2. Through the gospel He has given us, Rom 1:16-17.


1. God’s love is on display at the cross.
2. Will you love God? Jno 14:15; 1 Jno 5:2-4


You can find the complete outline of this sermon plus PowerPoint and MP3 Audio files at BIBLE ANSWERS

Keep Them from the Evil One

Scripture Reading:  John 17:10-19

   Jesus prayed for His disciples before He left them and expressed His concern for their protection from Satan.

I. TEMPTATIONS ABOUND, 1 Cor 10:13 (Jas 1:14-16).

  A. The Apostles as an Example, Jno 17:11, 14; Lk 22:24-27; Jno 13:4-5.
  B. Cf. Young People, 2 Tim 2:22.
    1. Worldly lusts, 1 Jno 2:15-17.
    2. Youthful arrogance, Titus 2:6-8.
    3. Stop listening to parents, Prov 19:26-27 (13:1).
    4. Forget God, Eccl 12:1.
  C. Cf. Older People, Titus 2:2; Eccl 12:1; Gal 6:9; Heb 6:11.


  A. Lead Us not into Temptation, Matt 6:13; Jno 17:15; 2 Pet 2:9; Psa 141:4; 34:15-19.
  B. How does God Deliver Us from the Evil One?
    1. By His word, Jno 17:8, 11, 14-17.
    2. By unity, Jno 17:11. cf. Eccl 4:9-10
    3. By purity, Jno 17:17. cf. Jas 4:8
    4. By faith, Jno 17:8, 20. cf. Eph 6:16
    5. By flight, 2 Tim 2:19, 22.


  A. Temptation is Real and Sin is Deadly, Jas 1:14-16.
  B. God Knows Us Better than We Know Ourselves, 1 Cor 10:12; Lk 22:31-34.
  C. God Doesn’t Give Up On Us When We Sin, Lk 22:32 (Jno 21:15-19); Lk 15:1-7.
  D. God Will Forgive You of Every Sin when You Repent; 1 Tim 1:15-16.


(Current events in the light of Scripture)

What a Waste
Joe R. Price

It was reported Thursday that more than 70 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine will likely have to be discarded due to passing its expiration date. The Washington Post reported less than half of the 229 million doses bought by the U.S. government were actually used (Report: More Than 70 Million Doses of H1N1 Vaccine May Have to Be Discarded, What was once in such high demand and cost so much will now be thrown away.

What a waste it is when a Christian, who has tasted the heavenly gift of salvation, chooses to turn back to the world! Such a choice wastes the good blessings of God and salvation once obtained in Jesus Christ (Eph 2:4-6). Not only is it wasteful, it is also an insult against the Son of God and the Spirit of grace (Heb 6:4-6; 10:29).

A Christian turning back to sin is pictured as a washed sow returning to the mud (2 Pet 2:20-22). The time it took to wash the filthy animal was wasted. The benefit of cleanliness is lost on the dumb animal as it prefers to wallow in the mire than be cleansed of dirt and grime.

Similarly, the Christian who returns to sin is wasting the time he spent learning of Christ and living for Christ. As if a worthless thing, redemption is tossed aside in favor of sin’s profligate pleasure. The great cost of salvation is ignored (1 Pet 1:18-19). What a waste.

Yet, God is longsuffering and will receive back the prodigal who, failing to value his blessings, has squandered them (Lk 15:11-24). Christian, God will forgive your sinful living. Return to Him; do not waste your inheritance. (Read Heb 3:7-19)


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