Character Studies


1. Q: "In the Gospels, Jesus performs many miracles and heals a lot of people. My question is: Why didn't Jesus heal everyone?"
2. Question assumes either:
  a. Someone came to Jesus for healing & was sent away unhealed, or
  b. That Jesus should have but didn't heal people who never came to Him for healing.
3. Not a single NT account of someone asking Jesus for healing who was not healed!
4. With certainly we can say that no one has ever lived on earth who miraculously healed more people than Jesus!
5. Also note that Jesus did those things that pleased the Father - Jno. 8:29.
6. So we are left with: Why didn't Jesus heal everyone, regardless of where they were or whether they came to him?
7. Jno. 5:1-15 - Some might ask: Is it because He didn't care about those left unhealed? Did he love some more than others? Was He incapable of healing everyone? Did someone prevent Him from healing everyone? Did He only heal those who believed in Him? Why didn't Jesus heal everyone?

  A. Jesus Couldn't (lacked the power to) Heal Them - Lk. 5:17.
    1. God was with Jesus, & He is "God with us" - Acts 10:38; Col. 2:9.
    2. Complete harmony between the Son & Father in work & word - Jno. 5:19 (8:26-28, 38).
    3. If He didn't heal because He couldn't heal, does that mean God doesn't heal everyone now because He can't do it?! - cf. Jno. 5:19
  B. Jesus Wouldn't (a bad attitude) Heal Them.
    1. In fact, His heart was that of love, mercy & compassion for the sick - Matt. 8:5-7; 14:14.
    2. He taught disciples to have the same heart - Mk. 14:7 (Gal. 6:10).
C. In Truth, His Many Miracles Of Healing Prove Both His Power To Heal & His Heart To Heal.

  A. Universal Healing Of The Flesh Was Not The Work The Father Gave Him To Do - Jno. 5:30; 6:38.
  B. His Miracles Served As Signs For A Greater Work - Jno. 9:1-4; 3:2.
    1. That He is the Christ, the son of God - Jno. 5:36; 10:25; 11:25.
      -That He is the Christ (Messiah) - Acts 2:22.
    2. To bring people to faith in Him as the Son of God - Jno. 10:37-38.
    3. To reveal His glory - Jno. 2:11; cf. Matt. 15:30-31.
    4. To prove His authority:
      a. Over sin (to forgive it) - Mk. 2:4-12.
      b. Over Satan - Matt. 12:22-29; cf. 8:16 (with a word).
    5. To Show God's Mercy & Compassion - Matt. 14:14 (Mk. 5:18-19).
  C. His Miracles Were Sufficient To Fulfill Their Divine Purposes - Jno. 17:4; 20:30-31.

III. LESSON: JESUS CAME TO HEAL THE SOUL OF ALL WHO WILL BELIEVE - Matt. 8:16-17 (Isa. 53:4) - 1 Pet. 2:21-25.
  A. We Must Learn From His Miracles That He Can Save Our Souls From Sin!
    1. God sent Jesus to heal men's souls! - Lk. 4:18
    2. Yet, many would not come to be healed of their sins! - Jno. 12:37-40
  B. He Said & Did All Things "That You May Be Saved"! - Jno. 5:34
    1. He has the power to save you.
    2. He has the will (desire) to save you.
    3. Have His miracles upon the flesh convinced you that He can heal your soul from all your sin? - Matt. 11:28
    4. Jno. 5:13-15 - The healed man was warned about sin, the greater disease!
  C. His Miracles Teach The Christian To Trust His Grace In Our Lives - 2 Cor. 12:7-10.
    1. Jesus loved Paul & could have healed him.
    2. Paul needed a greater lesson: Humble dependency upon Christ in all things!
    3. Lk. 17:15-19 - Can we not learn to thankfully rejoice in & reverent worship Christ for the healing He has given us?!

1. Jesus did indeed heal all who came to Him for healing.
2. Every body Jesus healed showed He has power to heal the soul.
3. Will you let Him work His power in your life? Then obey His gospel in faith (Acts 2:37-38, 41; 22:16).