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Scripture Reading:  Luke 15:1-7

The Lord Wants You


1.  There is a sense in which God does not need man, Acts 17:25; Psa 50:10-12. God is sovereign; it is humans who need God!

2.  In another sense, He wants and needs you; you are crucial to the His plan and His will. He wants faithful servants to further His purposes here on earth (as it is in heaven, Matt 6:10).

  a.  To bear good fruit for Him, Jno 15:5.

  b.  To influence the world for good, Phil 2:14-16.

  c.  To spread His gospel to the lost, Mk 16:15.

3.  Matt 21:1-3: Jesus had need of animals; how much more does He have need of men and women of faith: Jesus Wants You!

4.  Jesus wants...


I.  FIRST PLACE IN YOUR HEART, 1 Pet 3:15. (Readiness, hope, meek and reverent)

  A.  Some have No Such Room for Jesus, Lk 2:7.

    1.  No room for His word, Jno 8:37. This is because their heart is filled with the lusts and works of Satan, not God, 8:38, 41-47.

    2.  These are not God’s children; blinded by Satan.

  B.  Some have too Little Room for Jesus, Mk 4:18-19.

    1.  Wandering mind that is not fixed on Christ; deterred by other things.

    2.  Just enough interest in Christ to be hindered – and a hindrance to others.

    3.  These must be constantly coaxed to obey; Jesus doesn’t have need of this kind of disciple.

  C.  Some Will Give Jesus All the Room He Wants and Deserves.

    1.  cf. Paul, who counted all loss to gain Christ, Phil 3:5-11.

    2.  cf. Cornelius, who didn’t fight against obedience, although he was already a very good man, Acts 10:33 (10:2, 22); 11:14.

    3.  How do we give Jesus the room in our lives He deserves?

       -By faith, Eph 3:14-19.

      a.   God strengthen you through Spirit, 3:16.

      b.   Christ may dwell in your heart by faith, 3:17.

      c.   Lay hold of His love, be filled with all the fullness of God, 3:18-19 (1:3).

      d.  Christ lives in you by faith, Gal 2:20.


II.  FAITHFUL WORKERS, Matt 9:37-38; 2 Cor 5:15.

  A.  Jesus Wants Workers Who Will Sacrifice for Him, Jno 21:15-19.

    1.  Peter had work to do which would require supreme love for Christ, 21:15-17.

    2.  Peter’s manner of death, 21:18-19.

    3.  Do your work regardless of the work and the circumstances of someone else, 21:20-22.

    4.  Carry your cross without shame, Lk 9:23-26.

  B.  Jesus Wants Workers Who Will Diligently Work, Rom 12:11 (hasten to do a thing, exert yourself, endeavor).

    1.  To realize the promise, Heb 6:11-12.

    2.  To make calling and election sure - “All diligence...more...” 2 Pet 1:5, 10.

    3.  To be acceptable at His return, 2 Pet 3:14.

    4.  Do not be deterred from excellence for the Master.

  C.  Jesus Wants Workers Who Will Not Compromise His Will, Jude 3; 2 Cor 11:4.


III. DEVOUT CHRISTIANS, Matt 6:24, 33. (Piety of love and fear)

   (“lit., taking hold well...primarily, cautious, signifies in the NT, careful as to the realization of the presence and claims of God, reverencing God, pious...reverence exhibited especially in actions....” Vine I:307-308)

  A.  Who Will Pray (1 Ths 5:17).

    1.  Energetic to achieve righteous purposes, Jas 5:16.

    2.  According to His will, Jas 4:3; 1 Jno 5:14-15.

  B.  Who Will Use God’s Word Properly, 2 Tim 2:15.

    1.  As a sufficient, final guide, 2 Tim 3:16-17.

    2.  Without altering it to suit desires, 2 Cor 2:17; 2 Tim 4:3-4.

    3.  Not ignore it or seek to destroy it, Jer 36:23-25.

  C.  Live for Heaven, Phil 3:20; 1 Pet 2:11-12.

    1.  Be a citizen of heaven on earth.

    2.  Be a pilgrim when the siren call of the world entices; resist and be victorious (1 Pet 5:8-9; 1 Cor 10:12-13).



1.  “Christ has no hands but our hands, to do His work today…”

2.  Christ wants you; do you want Him?