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Scripture Reading: 1 John 3:4-10

False Views of Sin


1.   If we knew what a monster sin is, perhaps there would be less of it. Afraid we don’t realize the consequences of sin, here and hereafter.

2.   Sin is a pestilence upon mankind: “a distiller of hate, a breeder of crime.” The cause of all human misery can be traced to sin.

3.   Satan has deceived us into minimizing sin, Gen 3:4.

   a.   It is disguised, camouflaged, sweetened and made respectable.

   b.   Underneath all its guises, sin is a terrible crime against God, dishonoring Him and attacking His purpose for mankind, Psa 51:4; Eccl 12:13.

4.   Bible truth about false views of sin.



   A.   Sin is not in Our Genes.

      1.   Calvinists: Because we are sons of Adam and because Adam sinned--we are born sinners (Inherited sin).

“They, being the root of all mankind, the guilt of this sin was imputed, and the same death in sin and corrupted nature conveyed to all their posterity descending from them by ordinary generation.” (Westminster Confession of Faith, VI:III; 1646)

         a.   Adam and Eve introduced sin into world, Rom 5:12.

         b.   Sin belongs to the individual who commits it, Ezek 18:20 (Rom 5:12).

      2.   Must take personal responsibility for our sins, Deut 24:16.



   A.   Man’s Constitution is not Sinful (Created by God).

      1.   We all sin because we choose it! Rom 3:23 But, we are not “forced” to sin due to a “sin nature” working in us.

      2.   Calvinists: Total Hereditary Depravity says sin is seen as a part of human nature.

      3.   Bible: God made man pure: Man has chosen sin, Eccl 7:29.

      4.   Man’s “nature” becomes sinful when he chooses to practice sin, Eph 2:1-3.

   B.      It is Sin to Blame our Humanity for our Sin.

      1.   “I can’t help it...I’m only human” / “I was born this way” –  All these are the devil’s tactics to soften and eliminate the reality of sin (e.g.):

         a.    Eating is natural: Gluttony is not, Gal 5:23.

         b.   Sex desire is natural: Fornication is not, 1 Cor 6:13, 18.

         c.    Homosexuals: “Born that way”, Rom 1:26-27.

      2.   This sort of thinking attempts to remove responsibility for our sins!


   A.   Men have Always Tried to Blame Others for Their Sins.
      1.   Man blamed woman, woman blamed serpent, Gen 3:12-13.
      2.   Aaron blamed the people for golden calf, Exo 32:21-24.
   B.   Sin is Personal, Psa 51:3 (Ezek 18:20; Jas 1:14).
      1.   Acknowledging of one’s sin is essential, Psa 32:5.
      2.   While someone’s sin may have an effect upon you, if you sin, that sin is still yours!


IV. SIN SEPARATES (Sin causes death, Jas 1:15).
   A.   Sin Separates Man from God, Isa 59:1-2 (Eden); Col 1:21.
   B.   Sin Separates People, cf. Prov 16:28 (Friends, family, etc.).
   C.   Sin Causes Eternal Separation, Rom 6:23.
      1.   Separation from heaven and eternal life, Matt 7:23.
      2.   Spiritual Death: Hell is for those who continue to sin and refuse the salvation of Christ.
      3.   Should cause us to want to identify / overcome sin!


   A.   You Can Overcome Sin in Jesus, Jno 8:34-36; Eph 1:7.
      1.   The blood of Jesus is powerful to give forgiveness of sins, Heb 9:13-14.
         a.   Jesus washes away your sins when you are baptized into His death, Rev 1:5; Rom 6:3 (Acts 22:16).
         b.   Become a Christian and every sin will be washed away!
      2.   Never give up! 
         a.   Christian: Do not let sin rule you (Rom 6:12).
         b.   Do not make sin your habit, 1 Jno 3:4-10.
         c.   Confess, repent and pray, 1 Jno 1:9 (Acts 8:22).


1.   Don’t let sin reign in your life, Rom 6:5-6, 12-13.
2.   Sin was introduced into the world through Adam and Eve; Sin came into your life because you chose to sin (Rom 5:12).
3.   Victory over sin is achieved by Jesus Christ (1 Jno 3:8; Heb 2:14-15; Rom 6:23).