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Scripture Reading: 1 Timothy 1:3-7

Set Your Goal


1.  Goal setting is important (education, career, family, financial, spiritual), cf. Col. 3:1-2.

2.  Goal: “The purpose toward which an endeavor is directed; an objective.”

3.  Goal (telos): “to set out for a definite point or goal…the conclusion of an act or state (termination, result)” (Strong’s); “end.” Examples…

  a.  Christ was the end of the law for righteousness, Rom. 10:4.

  b.  The end (result) of sin and the end of holiness, Rom. 6:21, 22.

  c.  Hold fast our confidence and joy of hope to the end, Heb. 3:6.



  A.  God’s Purposes Accomplish Good Things.

    1.  Joseph and brothers, Gen. 50:20.

    2.  The end intended by the Lord (Job), Jas. 5:11.

  B.  God Turns the Evil Goals of Men and Uses Them to Accomplish Godly Purposes.

    1.  Suffering and death of Jesus, Acts 3:13-15.

    2.  Personal suffering of the apostles, 2 Cor. 4:7-15 (11, 15).

  C.  We Must Make God’s Purposes Our Own, Rom. 8:28, 35-37.



  A.   Not to Enslave or Oppress Us, but to Free Us from Sin’s Bondage, Jno. 8:31-32, 34-36.

      -If your goal is freedom from sin, then keep the word of Christ.

  B.  Not to Elevate Some Over Others, Lk. 18:9-14.

      -Obedience to God’s command is not self-righteousness, but the result of the faithful, humble servant, Lk. 17:10.

  C.  Not Outward Compliance, but Inward Commitment, Phil. 2:12-13.

  D.  The Goal of God’s Commandment is Love, 1 Tim. 1:3-5.

    1.  From a pure heart, Jas. 4:8; Jno. 14:15, 21

    2.  From a good conscience, Acts 24:16; 1 Tim. 1:18-19. Moral consciousness toward God and men.

    3.  From sincere faith, 2 Tim. 1:5; 1 Pet. 1:7. Genuine, not a pretentious faith; not a hypocritical faith.



  A.  The End (Goal) of Faith is the Salvation of Your Soul, 1 Pet. 1:8-9.

    1.  Every choice, relation, thought, word, and deed is regulated by the primary goal of your salvation, Rom. 6:19-22.

    2.  Self-discipline to reach the goal, 1 Cor. 9:25-27.

    3.  Remove every obstacle and replace it with determined faithfulness toward the goal (the prize), Phil. 3:7-14.

    4.  Set your mind to set your life, Col. 3:2-3.

  B.  The End (Result) of Rejecting and Opposing the Truth is Wrath, 1 Thess. 2:16. (2 Thess. 1:8-9)



1.  What is the goal or aim of your life?

2.  God’s purpose for us must be our goal, Eccl. 12:13.

3.  Our aspiration (aim, goal) is to please God, 2 Cor. 5:9.


Source: F.Y.C. (For Your Consideration), April 2019 (Ron Adams)


By: Joe R. Price

Posted April 3, 2019