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Scripture Reading: Proverbs 15:1-7

Have You Said it Lately?



1.  Communication is key to every relationship:

  a.  God has communicated to mankind, Heb. 1:1-2; Acts 20:32.

  b.  Brethren in the church, 1 Cor. 14:9.

  c.  Husbands and wives, 1 Pet. 3:7.

2.  Good communication skills draw a couple closer together.

3.  Lack of effective communication is a leading threat to successful, fulfilling marriages, Prov. 15:1-2, 4, 7; Jas. 3:5.

  a.  Leading reason marriages fail. “A relationship never just ends; it ends slowly. It ends over time.” (“The Number 1 Reason Marriages Fail,” David Wygant,

  b.  Without communication, conflict resolution becomes impossible, and the smallest problems become insurmountable.

4.  Marriage is a 100%-100% relationship; Not, 50%-50%!

5.  Some things that must be said and heard regularly in marriages.



  A.  Love is a Decision of the Will, Col. 3:19; Eph. 5:25.

    1.  Christ chose to love the church; You choose to love your wife.

    2.  Love is embedded within your vows: Your pledge of loyalty, the promise of faithful devotion goes far beyond emotional yearnings.

  B.  Romance Ebbs and Flows, but Love Must be Constant, 1 Cor. 13:4-8.

    1.  Love is spoken in words and in actions, 1 Jno. 3:16-18.

    2.  How you speak to each other; how you treat one another; when we help each other in the home, etc.


II. "I WAS WRONG, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME." Eph. 4:31-32 (Col. 3:12-13)

  A.  Sins against Your Spouse Require Repentance and Forgiveness, Just like Any Other Sin.

    1.  "I'm sorry" can become a quick way to escape an immediate problem, with no real intent to change; that is worldly sorrow.

       -Godly sorrow and repentance, 2 Cor. 7:9-10 (Judas, Matt. 27:3-5).

    2.  Pride is a great hindrance to this needed communication!

       -Must always be right; rigid, judgmental, condescending...

  B.  Some Common Sins in Marriage (Demanding Repentance and Forgiveness):

    1.  Sins of anger, Prov. 15:1, 18.

      a.  Harsh words, temper outbursts, Prov. 29:22.

      b.  "A marriage with too much conflict, hostility, blame, criticism, defensiveness, and belligerent verbal attacks seems like life with an enemy instead of a friend." (Dr. Val Farmer, “To Have and To Hold,”

    2.  Sins of immorality, Heb. 13:4.

      a.  Not confined to sexual immoralities, although these often land a deathblow to marriages, cf. Prov. 6:27, 32-35.

      b.  Sins of lying undermine trust and security, Eph. 4:25.

      c.  Love of money introduces a new priority with devastating results, 1 Tim. 6:9-10.

    3.  Sins of unfaithfulness to God, Matt. 6:33-34; Eph. 5:31-32.

      a.  Christian husband must lead in the way of faith, Josh. 24:15.

      b.  Help each other grow spiritually in service to God, Eccl. 4:9-12.


III. "I FORGIVE YOU." Luke 11:4

  A.  Holding Grudges is Devastating to a Marriage, Matt. 6:14-15.

    1.  Unmerciful, lack of forgiveness, Matt. 5:7; Jas. 2:13.

    2.  Causes and sustains contention and conflict, barriers and obstacles that erode the relationship and squashes effective communication.

    3.  Generates bitterness, resentment, devaluing each other, Col. 3:19.



  A.  Gratitude Genuinely Expressed Strengthens the Bonds of Affection.

    1.  In everything give thanks, 1 Thess. 5:18.

    2.  Even when the other is ungrateful, cf. Lk. 6:35 (be like God).

    3.  Builds goodwill and avoids taking each other for granted.


V. "LET US PRAY." 1 Pet. 3:7

  A.  Prayer in the Home is a Faith-Strengthening Event.

    1.  Before every meal, 1 Tim. 4:4-5.

    2.  Pray together, and pray individually for each other, Jas. 5:16.



     We honor our spouse and our marriage when we improve our communication with each other. Furthermore, we honor God, who gave it.



By: Joe R. Price

Posted: May 17, 2016