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Scripture Reading: Hebrews 12:12-17

Pursue Peace (#1)



1.  Misunderstood peace leads to a false sense of security, Jer. 6:13-15.

2.  Because Judah was not at peace with God (sin) she did not have genuine peace at all, 6:15.

  a.  Peace with God must exist for genuine peace among God’s people.

  b.  Peace with God’s people is hindered when not at peace with God.

3.   If we misunderstand peace we will most likely mistake a counterfeit peace for the real thing.



  A.  Dual Nature of Peace (difference between cease fire and peace).

    1.  Absence of conflict, 1 Cor. 14:33.

    2.  Presence of tranquility, serenity, contentment, Isa. 32:16-19.

      a.  Product of righteousness:  Quietness, confidence, and safety.

        1)  Hebrews (shalom): “Everything that makes for a man’s highest good,” wholeness; “completeness, soundness, welfare, peace.”

        2)  Greeks (eirene): Harmonious relationships (with men, nations, and God), Heb. 12:14.

      b.  God’s people are securely at peace in midst of conflict, 32:18-19.



  A.  Must Pursue Peace With God, Col. 1:19-22.

    1.  Peace with God is obtained “in” Jesus, John 16:33 (Gal. 3:27).

    2.  Blood of Christ brings reconciliation (harmony and peace between sinners and God) (Rom. 6:3-4; Acts 22:16).

    3.  Our faith is necessary, cf. Isa. 26:3, 12; Rom. 5:1; 8:6-8.

  B.  Must Pursue Peace with Brethren, John 14:27.

    1.  Nature of Christ’s kingdom, Isa. 2:4; 11:6-9; Rom. 14:17.

    2.  Peace is possible among those who are call­ing on the Lord with a pure heart, 2 Tim. 2:22.

  C.  Must Pursue Peace with Everyone, Heb. 12:14; Rom. 12:18.

    1.  Christians are in conflict with the world’s values, goals, etc.

    2.  Yet, we are to strive for peace with men whenever possible.

    3.  But we are tempted to think like the world (James 3:13-16):

      a.  “I’ll never make peace with him; he wronged me.” Matt. 5:9

      b.  “I’ll get even with him.” Matt. 5:38-42

      c.  “He wronged me once, I’ll never trust him again.” Eph. 4:31-32

    4.  True wisdom makes peace like God does, James 3:17-18.


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By: Joe R. Price

Posted June 24, 2021