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Scripture Reading: Genesis 2:21-24

Why Marriages Break

(And How to Fix Them)



1.  God designed marriage to last a lifetime, Gen. 2:18-24.

2.  Yet, men and women have devalued and defiled marriage, often destroying their own marriages along the way.

  a.  Selfishness. “There are few guarantees in life. But if you're looking for a guaranteed way to wreck your marriage, never forget the cardinal rule: Marriage is all about your own personal happiness!" (“Marriage Breakdown”, Dr. David Currie,
     -Better to give than to receive, Acts 20:35; 1 Cor. 13:4.
  b.  Immorality, Heb. 13:4. Infidelity, emotional detachment, pornography. cf. 2 Tim. 3:4.

  c.  Faithlessness. No fear of God as the Giver, Regulator, the One who blesses marriage and the Judge of marriage, Psa. 36:1.

3.  Following points are from “Five Major Reasons for Marital Breakdown”. Growthtrac Marriage Minute - Sunday, April 25 2010; Taken from Knight in Shining Armor: Discovering Your Lifelong Love by P.B. Wilson; Copyright © 1995, P. B. Wilson; Harvest House Publishers



  A.  Listen More and Talk Less, Jas. 1:19-20.

    1.  Avoid wrath and facilitate understanding, cooperation and companionship with real communication.

    2.  Communication fails when spouses take each other for granted.

      a.  Love cherishes and delights in the one it loves, S.S. 2:3.

      b.  God says get familiar and stay that way! Gen 2:23 (18)

  B.  Good Communication Skills Help Overcome Anger and Replace it with Understanding, Prov. 15:1-2; cf. 21:9, 19; 20:3.


II.  FINANCES, Gen. 2:20, 23.

  A.  Finances is a Subject where Communication Often Fails.

    1.  Money is a tool to help each other, not a master to enslave us.

    2.  Contentment and commitment to lasting treasures, 1 Tim. 6:6-10;   Matt. 6:19-21.

    3.  Must have common values, goals and expectations to use wisely.


III.  SEX, Gen. 2:24-25.

  A.  God Gave Mankind Sexual Activity in Marriage for Moral Purity, Propagation and Pleasure.

    1.  Purity of sex in marriage, Heb. 13:4; 1 Thess. 4:3-8.

    2.  The purpose of propagation, Gen. 1:28.

    3.  Mutual fulfillment that prevents sin and promotes holiness, 1 Cor. 7:2-5.



  A.  Leave and Cleave is God’s Arrangement for Building and Perpetuating the Family (its structure).

  B.  Friends who are not Supportive of Your Marriage are Hindrances and not True Friends, 1 Cor. 15:33-34.


V.  SPIRITUAL IMMATURITY (Little Faith), Gen. 2:16-18.

  A.  Gives the Tempter an Opening, Gen. 3:1-6.

    1.  Sin’s deception is more easily recognized by the spiritually mature, Heb. 5:14.

    2.  Adam followed his wife and his wife led her husband into sin, 1 Tim. 2:13-14.

    3.  Both failed to show spiritual strength that could have helped prevent their own sin while helping their spouse also reject sin.

  B.  Grow Up in Christ, Eph. 4:15.



1.  Marriage breaks down when sin rises up in our hearts and lives.

2.  Our adversary wants to destroy our souls by destroying our homes.

3.  Be strong in the Lord and be the husband / wife who honors God by loving your spouse. Eph. 5:28-31, 33




Growthtrac Marriage Minute - Sunday, April 25 2010

Taken from Knight in Shining Armor: Discovering Your Lifelong Love
by P.B. Wilson; Copyright © 1995 by P. B. Wilson; Published by Harvest House Publishers



By: Joe R. Price

Posted: November 2, 2012