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Scripture Reading: Romans 6:15-23

Marks of Obedience



1.  Bible says to please God we must obey many things (see PPT chart).

2.  It is in the doing (not the saying) that we have God’s approval (Matt. 7:21; Lk. 6:46).

3.  What does it take to be an obedient person? Not exhaustive list, but Scriptural and hopefully balanced.



  A.  Obedience Requires Us to Listen to the One We Obey.

    1.  Obedience: hupo, “under,” akouo, “to hear,” (Vine).

    2.  To hear under; “attentive hearkening…compliance or submission” (G5218).  

    3.  Listen and put under the “voice of the Lord,” 1 Sam. 15:22.

  B.  Obedience Requires Submission (a submissive heart).

    1.  Yielding ourselves to the one with authority over us.

      a.  Submitting ourselves at the heart of obedience, Rom. 6:16.

      b.  Sticking point: We hear, but refuse to yield, cf. Rom. 8:7.

    2.  Submitting our will to the one with authority, Matt. 26:42.

      a.  Civil authority, Rom. 13:1; Children to parents, Col. 3:20.

      b.  Wives to husbands “in everything,” Eph. 5:24.

      c.  Christian to the truth of God, Gal. 5:7.

  C.  Obedience is Marked by Humility, Phil. 2:8.

    1.  We must have the same mind, Phil. 2:5.

    2.  Humble children conform to parents’ will, 1 Pet. 1:14 (Matt. 18:3-4).

    3.  Disobedience is a trait of pride; Obey from a humble heart.

  D.  Obedience Shows Our Faith (it comes from faith, James 2:17).

    1.  Disobedient died in wilderness due to unbelief, Heb. 4:18-19.

    2.  Abraham obeyed by faith, Heb. 11:8.

    3.  Obedience trusts what God says although we do not yet see the end of our faith, 1 Pet. 1:8-9.

  E.  Respect is a Crucial Mark of Obedience, Heb. 12:9 (Rom. 13:7).

     -With fear and trembling, not complaining, etc., Phil. 2:12-16.

  F.  Obedience is Deliberate and Purposeful, 2 Cor. 10:5.

    1.  Not haphazard, not only when convenient (Acts 24:25).

    2.  Jesus learned obedience in suffering, Heb. 5:8 (John 8:29).

      a.  Continued His habit of obedience even in suffering.

      b.  Daniel, Dan. 6:10. Make obedience our custom (manner).

  G.  Devotion of the Heart is Present in Genuine Obedience, Rom. 6:17.

    1.  Unworthy, sinful motives forfeit the power and blessings of obedience (do the will of God from the heart, Eph. 6:6).

    2.  Not from hypocrisy, not to be praised by men; to walk with God by doing His works, Eph. 2:10; 1 Pet. 2:1-2 (1:14).

  H.  Love is the Crowning Trait of Obedience, 1 John 5:3.

    1.  This is the love of God, cf. John 14:15, 21-24.

    2.  The very nature of love is to never seek our own interests.

      a.  Love always looks outward, giving itself in devoted service to others.

      b.  It is fitting that obedience fully expresses love.

    3.  Obedience combines love's respect and humble submission with its trusting devotion to the one we obey.

      a.  Children obeying parents (Col. 3:20).

      b.  Wife obeying husband (Titus 2:5).

      c.  Christian obeying God (Matt. 7:21).



1.  Obeying God is not a burden, 1 John 5:3. It is the expression of the heart’s faith and devotion.

2.  Let our obedience come from humble submission, with respect and purposeful devotion of heart.

3.  Always be careful to listen and fully yield ourselves to God.

4.  This is the obedience that shows the love of God (1 John 5:3).



By: Joe R. Price

Posted May 19, 2021