1. John the Baptist thus named because he came preaching & baptizing - Matt. 3:1-2; Mk. 1:4 - NOT because he was a Baptist!
2. John lived & died under the LOM. He was not a Christian. He was not in the church of Christ - Matt. 11:11.
3. John did not work miracles (like the apostles), but he was filled with the Holy Spirit & his testimony about Jesus was true - Lk. 1:15-16; Jno. 10:41.
4. We learn more about Jesus as we learn more about John.

I. JOHN ANNOUNCED JESUS - Lk. 1:17 (forerunner); Jno. 3:28.
  A. John Was Christ's Messenger - Mk. 1:2-3; Mal. 3:1; Isa. 40:3.
  B. John Prepared The Way For Christ By Preaching Repentance - Lk. 3:2-6.
    1. Thus turning the hearts of the people back to God & His law - Mal. 4:6; Lk. 1:16-17 (Matt. 17:10-13).
    2. Thus preparing hearts for the kingdom of Christ - Matt. 3:2.
  C. John Prepared The Way For Christ By Preaching Faith In Jesus - Acts 19:4.
    1. As the Lamb of God - Jno. 1:29, 34-36.
    2. As the Christ - Jno. 1:25-27 (Prophet & His authority).

II. JOHN BAPTIZED JESUS - Matt. 3:13-17.
  A. A Moment Of Confusion - 3:13-14. (John knew Jesus was superior!)
  B. A Moment Of Fulfilling Righteousness - 3:15.
    1. John's baptism:
      a. Was not a ritual of the LOM.
      b. Was commanded by this prophet of God - Jno. 1:33.
      c. Washed away sins when preceded by repentance - Mk. 1:4 (Acts 19:4).
      d. Did not put anyone into the blood of Christ.
      e. Did not make anyone a Christian (Acts 19:1-5).
    2. But: Jesus was sinless (no repentance, no baptism); He was the Savior! Why did He come to be baptized by John?
    3. Jesus came to "do the Father's will" - cf. Jno. 5:30; 6:38.
    4. cf. Lk. 7:29-30: What would or could have been said if Jesus had not accepted John's baptism?! - cf. Jno. 8:55
  C. A Moment Of Heavenly Endorsement - 3:16-17.
    1. The Father: "My beloved Son."
    2. The Spirit: God's Servant (Isa. 42:1).
    3. The Lamb & Son of God - Jno. 1:29-34.

  A. As Superior In Rank - Jno. 1:26-27.
  B. As Eternal (Pre-Existent) - Jno. 1:30 (John was 6 months older than Jesus!).
  C. As The Christ From Above - Jno. 3:26-30.

1. Matt. 11:7-11 - John was honored by Christ as a humble servant of God who prepared the way for the King of kings! A strong, rugged, unwavering prophet who went before the Savior & prepared hearts to receive Him.
2. Yet, if you are in the kingdom of Christ (church) you are more highly favored than John (v. 11)!