[Part 17]

(Scripture: Acts 1:9-11)





1.    We have recorded for us the greatest story ever told - the life of Jesus.

2.    We have seen this story unfold from OT predictions thru Jesus’ early years to His years of ministry, His sufferings, death & resurrection.

3.    Acts 1:9-11 - The ascension of Jesus into heaven should not be overlooked as a vital part of God's plan for our redemption.

4.    In triumph & glory, He miraculously ascended into heaven to take His rightful place as exalted Prophet, Priest & King.


I.    THE ASCENSION ITSELF - Acts 1:9-11.

    A.    Occurred:

        1.    At the Mt. of Olives - Acts 1:12. (Place of rest where He & apostles went; Gethsemane located there.)

        2.    While He blessed them - Lk. 24:51.

            a.     Blessed (Eulogeo) - "lit., to speak well of....to consecrate a thing with solemn prayers, to ask God's blessing on a thing" (Vine, I:132)

            b.     He was speaking words of comfort, strength & encouragement to them (cf. Acts 1:6-8).

        3.    In bodily form - Acts 1:9.

            a.     His body (which was lit. resurrected is taken up, Lk. 24:39-43).

            b.     Miraculous occurrence!

-Denial of ascension causes serious consequences!



    A.    A Proof Of His Messiahship - Jno. 6:62.

        1.    cf. v. 33, 35, 38, 60 - Bread of life from heaven - Hard to accept.

            a.     v. 62 - His ascension would also offend them.

            b.     Acts 7:55-58 - Were enraged - Rejected the evidence.

        2.    Lk. 24:52-53 - His ascension gave disciples assurance & peace.

    B.    His Ascension Enabled The Sending Of The Holy Spirit - Jno. 16:5-7.

        1.    v. 7 - Advantageous & profitable - Promise of H.S. could be fulfilled.

        2.    16:13 - God's final revelation made available with His ascension!

        3.    Acts 2:33 - Fulfillment of Jno. 16:7!

        4.    Eph. 4:8-11- W/o ascension, the things (gifts) needed to give final revelation & maturity (v. 12-13) would not have been provided.

    C.    It Was Necessary In Order For Jesus To Be King Over His Kingdom - Mk. 16:19.

        1.    "Right hand of God" - Position of favor, trust & power - Acts 2:33.

        2.    Dan. 7:13-14 - Daniel’s vision prophesied this event.

        3.    In this place of exaltation:

            a.     He received His rule - Eph. 1:20-23 - All authority - King now!

            b.     Fulfilled prophecy - Acts 2:34-36 (Psa. 110:1).

        4.    Submit to His authority!

    D.    It Was Necessary In Order For Him To Serve As High Priest Over The House Of God - Heb. 4:14.

        1.    Offer Himself as sacrifice for sins - Heb. 9:24, 11-12.

        2.    At God's right hand, He intercedes (pleads our cause) for us - Heb. 9:24; 7:25.

        3.    He offers continual help to overcome sin - Heb. 4:16.

    E.    His Ascension Enabled Him To Prepare A Place For His Disciples - Jno. 14:1-3.

        1.    Preparations: Receive His rule; Send H.S. w/all truth; Serve as High Priest by offering Himself; intercessory work.

        2.    W/o ascension, heavenly dwelling-place would not be available!

    F.    His Ascension Strengthens The Christian's Hope - Acts 1:10-11.

        1.    Jno. 14:3 - Promised it - Angels confirmed it.

        2.    Jno. 17:24 - Jesus prayed that we might be w/Him & behold His glory.

        3.    1 Ths. 4:13, 16-17 - The Christian's hope!



1.    1 Tim. 3:16 - Received up into glory! Must revere His honored position!

2.    His ascension persuades us to appreciate our salvation, for without it:

    a.    Wouldn’t have all truth to guide us.

    b.    Couldn’t be in His kingdom (no king).

    c.    Wouldn’t have a High Priest interceding for us.

    d.    No place prepared for us.

    e.    No hope of seeing His glory & being in God’s presence eternally.

3.    He has done so much for us: What will we do for Him?!