[Part 16]

(Scripture: Acts 1:1-8)





1.    Acts 1:1-3 - After His passion (sufferings), Jesus appeared to apostles during the space of 40 days.

2.    Important time for apostles, as it was a time of joy over Jesus’ resurrection (Jno. 16:22) & time of anticipating what would happen next (Acts 1:6).

3.    For Jesus, it was a time to give proofs of His resurrection & to give His last direct (personal) teaching to apostles about the kingdom of God.

4.       Acts 1:3:  Two stated purposes of this 40-day period.



    A.    Jesus Showed Himself To His Apostles - Acts 1:2-3. - cf. Acts 13:31

    B.    Jesus Showed Himself To Many Disciples:

        1.    Women - Matt. 28:8-9.

        2.    Two on the road to Emmaus - Lk. 24:15.

        3.    Over 500 disciples at once - 1 Cor. 15:6.

        4.    James, His brother in the flesh - 1 Cor. 15:7.

    C.    What Kind Of Proofs Did He Give Them Of His Resurrection? (Acts 1:3) - cf. 2 Pet. 1:16

        1.    Many - Numerous (at least 10 are recorded for us).

        2.    Infallible (kjv, nkjv) - Undeniable, unmistakable, sure proofs.

            a.     Saw Him, talked, touched, ate - Lk. 24:36-43.

            b.     Some were individual appearances - cf. 1 Cor. 15:5, 7.

            c.     Some were group appearances (1 Cor. 15:6): 2, 7, 10, 11, 500+.

        3.    How do these appearances affect us?

            a.     The only way one today can come to believe in resurrection of Jesus is through consideration & acceptance of these proofs [Not:  prayer, appearances, feelings, etc.]

            b.     Jno. 20:30-31 - Written so mankind may believe.

            c.     Acts 1:3 - Proofs continue to be undeniable today!

            d.     Testimony from eyewitnesses is abundant - Acts 2:32; 3:15; et al.

            e.     Jno. 20:29; 1 Pet. 1:8-9 - They produce faith which saves the soul!



    A.    Jesus Taught Them:

        1.    The meaning of scriptures related to His mission - Lk. 24:44-46.

            a.     Fulfillment in Him: Sufferings, death, resurr., exaltation.

            b.     24:45 - "He opened their minds" - cf. Lk. 9:44-45; 18:34.

            c.     How did He do this? -Lk. 24:27 - Explained the scriptures!

        2.    The message of the forth-coming kingdom (as had been predicted & set forth in the OT) - Lk. 24:47 (cf. Isa. 2:2-3).

            a.     Repentance & remission of sins.

            b.     Acts 2:38 - Accomplished, therefore, the kingdom was established, & exists! (cf. Acts 8:12)

        3.    About their work in the kingdom.

            a.     Eyewitnesses of His resurrection - Lk. 24:48 (Acts 1:8).

                -Jno. 3:11 - They would testify of what they knew was true based upon the proofs Jesus gave them!

            b.     Preach the gospel to the world - Jno. 20:21; Mk. 16:15.

        4.    About their devotion to Him in the kingdom.

            a.     Jno. 21:15-23 - Peter’s love & work, His devotion & willingness to die for Jesus.

            b.     Legend is that all except John met violent deaths for sake of Jesus.

        5.    By correcting a mistaken view of the kingdom & impressing upon them the importance of respecting God’s authority - Acts 1:6-7.

            a.     v. 6 - Restore: "To set in place, to restore to its former state" - cf. Isa. 49:5-6.

            b.     Their idea was that of a political kingdom.

            c.     v. 7 - Things would happen when & how the Father wanted...and they did!

            d.     v. 8 - With HS guidance, they would teach the true nature of the kingdom (Acts 2:33-36; Restoration of all things, 3:21).

        6.    By putting them under commandment:

            a.     Not to leave Jerusalem - Acts 1:4, BUT--

            b.     Wait for the promise of the Father - Acts 1:4 (Jno. 14:26).

                i)     Holy Spirit baptism - Acts 1:5 (not many days hence....10 days).

                ii)     Clothed w/ power from on high - Lk. 24:49 (miracles which attended HS baptism.

        7.    By commissioning them - Matt. 28:19.

            a.     Acts 1:8 - After receiving power from heaven they would fulfill this commission (Mk.16:17-20).

            b.     The message they spoke had (has) the power of God endorsing it!



1.    40-day period marked by great joy, excitement, & anticipation.

2.    These days were vital to the future of Christianity:  The evidence of the resurrected Christ was given as Christ prepared His apostles to preach the gospel of the kingdom to the world.

3.    Now, we must each believe & obey Christ’s offer of salvation and citizenship in His kingdom! - Mk. 16:15-16