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Scripture Reading: 1 Peter 2:18-25

The Sacrifices of Jesus


1.  The sacrifice of Jesus is the supreme example of acting under “conscience toward God” (2:19). This was a fundamental reason for His for sacrifice and suffering, 1 Pet. 2:18-22. It must also be ours.

2.  His sacrifice was really a series of sacrifices.

3.  Faith that forms the basis of sacrifice requires:

  a.    Respectful submission to higher authority, 2:18.

  b.    Patient endurance (of wrong) is a crucial part of sacrifice, 2:19-20.

  c.    Willingness to suffer for doing “good,” 2:20 (2 Tim. 3:12; 1 Pet. 3:17).

  d.    Committing oneself to God (give yourself over), 2:24.

4.  Such sacrifice is “commendable before God” (2:19, 20).

5.  Jesus’ sacrifice is an example for us to follow, 1 Pet. 2:21.

6.  What did Jesus sacrifice for us? What must we to sacrifice for Him?



  A.  He Emptied Himself of the Glory, Honor and Majesty of Deity, Phil. 2:5-8.

    1.  Possessed throughout eternity, Jno. 17:5

    2.  High and holy, Isa. 6:1-5 -- Isaiah saw His glory, Jno. 12:37-41.

    3.  A glimpse was seen at His transfiguration, Matt. 17:2; 2 Pet. 1: 16-18.

  B.  Christians Must Sacrifice Glory and Honor for His Sake, Jno. 12:42-43.

    1.  Humility, Phil. 2:5.

    2.  Overriding commitment to honor (glorify) God, Jno. 17:1, 4.

    3.  Obedience to God’s will, Phil. 2:8.



  A.  The Life of Jesus was Difficult, Demanding and Dependent On Others.

    1.  His birth and early years, Lk. 2:7; Matt. 2:14-15.

    2.  A carpenter by trade, Mk. 6:3. (Honest, humble and meager)

    3.  His years of ministry, Lk. 9:58.

    4.  Rejected by his brothers, Mk. 3:21; Jno. 7:5.

    5.  Sustained by the contributions/assistance of others, Lk. 8:1-3.

  B.  Christians Must Sacrifice Comfort to Follow Jesus.

    1.  Sacrifice, priority, commitment, Lk. 9:57-62.

    2.  Have faith in Christ to provide – Don’t be distracted by material pursuits, Matt. 6:25-34.

    3.  Sacrifice pleasures of sin for reproach of Christ, Heb. 11:24-25

          cf. Apostles, 1 Cor. 4:8-14. (Warning)

    4.  Sacrifice for the church…Jesus did (cf. 1 Cor. 8:13).



  A.  He was Not Treated Justly: He Was Despised, Rejected, Oppressed and Humiliated, Isa. 53:3-8.

    1.  Mankind and the Jewish people, Jno. 1:10-11.

    2.  Arrest, trials, scourging, crucifixion, Acts 8:32-33.

    3.  Hated without a cause, Jno. 15:25.

  B.  Christians Must Sacrifice the Approval of Others in Order to Follow Christ, 1 Pet. 3:13-18.

    1.  Family, Matt. 10:34-37.

    2.  Friends, 1 Pet. 4:4.

    3.  Brethren in name but not in faith, 3 Jno. 9-10.

    4.  Stand with the Lord: He will stand with you and preserve you for the heavenly kingdom, 2 Tim. 4:16-17.



1.  The sacrifice of Jesus was an expression of complete love, Eph. 5:2.

2.  “I gave my life for thee…what hast thou given for me?”

3.  Make whatever sacrifice is necessary to enter heaven, Matt. 5:29-30.  (Lk. 9:23)



By: Joe R. Price

Posted May 1, 2019