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Scripture Reading: Romans 10:11-17


Report: India 2015



1.   Your fellowship and encouragement helps make this work possible. Thanks to you and the Lord to be blessed to have a part in this work.

2.   Jan. 14-Feb. 16, 2015 (my 10th trip to India).

  a.  Held two week-long preacher classes, plus 1 and 2 day classes.

  b.  Visited and preached for 13 different churches; Witnessed 9 baptisms.

3.  Marc Smith, Debbie (my wife); Deenadayal, Victoria (wife), Sam (son).

4.  Reports are online at India Updates.



  A.  Jadcherla: Advanced Classes (2nd year). 45 preachers

      -By myself (Marc late due to wife's surgery).

    1.  Monday: Building Godly Character in an Ungodly World, Boldness in Christ, the Exclusive Nature of Christianity.

    2.  Tuesday: The Conscience, The Flesh and the Spirit, Doctrines of Baptisms; Textual study of 1 Cor. 15:1-34.

    3.  Wednesday: Demons: Agents of Satan, Elders in Every Church, Fellowship, Resurrection from the Dead (1 Cor. 15:35-58).

    4.  Thursday: No Respect of Persons, The Knowledge of the Truth, One Hope of Our Calling, Holy Ground.

    5.  Friday: Work Out Your Own Salvation, A Day of Reckoning.

  B.  Kothakota: Basics Classes (1st year). Approx. 40 preachers

     -I concentrated on Bible authority, the work and organization of church, and fellowship issues.

    1.  Monday: How to Establish Bible Authority, Silence of the Scriptures.

    2.  Tuesday: Steps Toward Apostasy, Textual study of 1 Cor. 15.

    3.  Wednesday:  Liberalism: "It's No Big Deal", Answering the Errors of Liberalism (Part 1)

    4.  Thursday: Answering the Errors of Liberalism (Part 2); Fellowship and Unity of Believers.

    5.  Friday: The Gospel Invitation.

  C.  Madala: One day Preacher Classes (approx. 40). Judge with Righteous Judgment, No Respect of Persons. (2 baptisms)

  D.  Purnea: Two-Day Classes. (approx. 40 young men).

    1.  Not what we thought we were getting (preachers), but laid some groundwork for future and classes next year in that region.

    2.  Monday (sick); Tuesday: Bible Authority and Silence of Scriptures.

  E.  Assessment of these Classes.

    1.  These settings offer more in-depth study opportunities; To exhort preachers; To define and study liberal (unscriptural) issues.

    2.  Plan to return to Kothakota (Jan. 2016) for 2nd year classes.



  A.  Simple Gospel Lessons of Exhortation.

    1.  Parables, faith and daily living; Mostly extemporaneous and textual lessons (Why Jesus Came to Earth, The Model Prayer, Col. 3; Phil. 2 & 4; 1 Ths. 4; Lk. 15; Lessons from Rich Man and Lazarus, The Firsts of Acts 2, Matt. 6:19-34).

  B.  Women's Classes at Three Villages. (Debbie, the last hour of day)

    1.  Lessons on Time (Eccl.), Eve, the Mother of All Living, and The Worthy Woman (Prov. 31).

    2.  Big success! Helpful and encouraging to the women.

  C.  Assessments from Village Preaching.

    1.  Allows us to be where the brethren are, see their lives and situations better.

    2.  Reminded that we must teach simple lessons. Most of these brethren are common laborers (farming, rice, cotton, chilies) without a great deal of education (most do read).

    3.  Could tell some of the preachers need to learn more and be teaching the brethren about basics of worship, reverence and spiritual growth in Christ.

    4.  Next trip: Aim to tighten up the scheduling and visit two per day, with one lesson at each place. Get to more places this way.



  A.  Next Year: Preacher Class in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

    1.  35-40 men, all with liberal/institutional backgrounds.

    2.  Contacts through Massih Tudu and Multilol (Purnea).

  B.  Some False Doctrines to be Addressed:

    1.  Jesus became Son of God after His ascension.

    2.  Fellowship with false teachers still a problem for some.

    3.  Digression from Bible patterns of organ. and work of local church.

  C.  Additional Work Possibilities (fields white for harvest, Jno. 4:35).

    1.  Contact made in Pune, Maharashtra; Possibilities in Nepal.

    2.  Work needed in Bhadravathi; Guntur district, other areas.

  D.  Work on Publishing a Bi-monthly, 8-page Telugu Language Bulletin.

      -Distribution of about 1,000.

  E.  A Young Preacher Training Program is being Discussed.

     -At Jadcherla, with bro. Deenadayal teaching 6 young men at a time.



1.  We must continue to work while time and opportunity exists, Jno. 9:4.

2.  By God's grace, more preaching trips can be made.




By: Joe R. Price

Posted: February 27, 2015