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Scripture Reading: Psalm 28

India Report: Jan-Feb, 2016



1.  Jan. 12-Feb. 10, 2016: My eleventh preaching trip to India.

2.  Places preached (map)--

  a.  Jadcherla: 10 preachers.

  b.  Siliguri, West Bengal: 4 days of classes with 40 preachers.

  c.  Vizag, A.P.: 3 days of classes with 60 (40) preachers and night preaching at three places.

  d.  Sattenapalle: Preacher class (Madala, 80); Village preaching (6).

  e.  Kochi, Kerala: 3 days of classes with 25-30 present.

3.  25 were baptized into Christ.

4.  Some impressions and lessons from the trip.



  A.  Remember to have Compassion: Comforting those who Suffer, Col. 3:12.

    1.  Those suffering from sin, Matt. 9:35-38.

    2.  Those suffering from poverty, Gal. 2:10; Mk. 14:7; Psa. 41:1.

      a.  Probably 3 doz. preachers w/o any or not enough support.

      b.  Choices between food and medical treatment, etc.

    3.  Those suffering from physical ailments and trials, Matt. 14:14; Jas. 5:13-15.

  B.  Reminders of Personal Devotion, Lk. 9:23.

    1.  We can become jaded at times, thinking everyone has an ulterior motive for helping us or when they show devotion to the Lord, cf. Jno. 7:24.

      a.  Two men on their knees praying before return home from classes.

      b.  Villagers gathering at personal sacrifice to hear the gospel.

      c.  The preacher who traveled on a bus for 7 hrs. (one way) to come to Bible classes in Madala.

      d.  Brother Massih who translated PPT files into Hindi each night after classes because the earlier attempts had failed.

     2.  Self-examination: What am I sacrificing for Jesus? 2 Cor. 13:5; Rom. 12:1

  C.  Remember the Power of Prayer, 1 Ths. 5:17; Phil. 4:6.

    1.  Impressed by the brethren often praying together (before traveling, special needs, etc.).

    2.  We could imitate that more; Ask for and pray with each other about life's situations, needs and trials and joys, Eph. 1:15-16; 3:14; 6:18-20.

    3.  We ought to always pray and not be discouraged in prayer, Lk. 18:1, 8.

  D.  Remembering the Value of Communication, Eph. 4:29.

    1.  Using interpreters always reminds me of Babel, Gen. 11:9.

    2.  Teaches me to remember how crucial correct communication is to maintaining unity and good instruction, Eph. 4:3; Jas. 1:19-20; 1 Tim. 4:16.

    3.  Speak the truth with clarity, 1 Cor. 14:9.

  E.  Remember to Use Our Opportunities, Col. 4:2-6.

    1.  "Come over and help us", Acts 16:9.

    2.  Why India? My reply is, "Why not India?" Acts 16:6-8; 14:27

    3.  We all have opportunities we should seize, while helping each other increase our openings to teach the gospel.



1.  By God's grace, more preaching trips to India can take place.

2.  Ask you to pray for the brethren in India and thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement in this gospel work.



By: Joe R. Price

Posted: February 12, 2016