Topical Sermons 

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Scripture Reading: Matthew 1:18-25




1.  Prophetic sign of God visiting man, Isa. 7:14; Matt. 1:23.

2.  Jesus is the complete fulfillment, Jno. 1:1-18 (Col. 2:9).

3.  The deity of Christ has endured the suspicions and attacks of those calling themselves Christians. Some brethren continue to raise doubts about His deity when they say such things as:

  a.  Jesus “voluntarily divested himself of His divinity (nature of God) to come to earth.”  {Yet, Col. 2:9}

  b.  Jesus "w0rked miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit when He was on earth.  {Yet, Jno. 5:17-18}

4.  Three traits of Jesus while on earth that establish the full extent of His deity (divine nature) and that He is “God with us”. 


I.  JESUS KNEW MEN’S HEARTS. Jno. 2:23-25 (Matt. 12:25; Mk. 2:8)

  -On Jno. 2:25: “This supernatural knowledge of man is a mark of  deity. Some men of genius can read men better than others, but not in the sense meant here.” (Word Pictures, Robertson)

  A.  An Attribute of Deity, Prov. 15:11; Jer. 20:12; Acts 15:8.

  B.  Jesus Does what God does Concerning our Hearts.

    1.  God tests and  judges hearts, Psa. 7:9; Jer. 11:20.

    2.  Jesus (the Lord) searches, reveals and judges the counsels of the heart, 1 Cor. 4:5; Rev. 2:23.

    3.  Therefore, Jesus is fully God, Lk. 16:15.

  C.  Jesus Knows Your Heart and Mine, cf. Heb. 4:13.



  A.  Who is this that Forgives Sins? Lk. 7:48-49

    1.  God forgives sins, Isa. 43:25 (Micah 7:18).

    2.  Jesus forgave sins while on earth, Lk. 7:47; 23:42-43.

    3.  Therefore, Jesus is fully God.

  B.  Jesus is Willing and Able to Forgive You, Eph. 1:7; Col. 1:19-22.

    1.  Become a Christian, Acts 22:16.

    2.  Christian who confesses/repents of sin, 1 Jno. 1:9-2:2; Acts 8:24.


III. JESUS ACCEPTED WORSHIP (Matt. 4:10; Rev. 22:8-9).

  A.  His Power to Heal Generated Worship, Matt. 8:2; Jno. 9:35-38.

  B.  His Power over Nature Compelled Worship, Matt. 14:25-33.

  C.  Reverently Approached with a Request, Matt. 20:20.

  D.  His Power over Death Prompted Worship, Matt. 28:9, 17.

  E.  His Ascension into Heaven Demanded Worship, Lk. 24:52.


-All must honor the Son as they honor the Father, Jno. 5:23.



1.  Jesus knew men’s hearts, forgave sins and accepted worship; Actions that show Him to be fully God in the flesh.

2.  If not, then He must be a hypocritical impostor and scoundrel.

3.  Instead of trying to explain the unexplainable (the miracle of the incarnation), by faith we will be content to accept its reality and proclaim to the world that Jesus is Immanuel (God with us).




By: Joe R. Price

Posted: August 21, 2015