Topical Sermons                                                                                                                                  Power Point Show


Scripture Reading:  Isaiah 6:8-10


"Here am I, Send Me!"



1.  God has always sent men to do His work here on earth, Jer. 7:25 (13); Ezek. 2:3; Matt. 10:16; 28:19-20.

2.  Three men whom God called & sent on missions to accomplish His will.   Their reactions to God’s call to go can be applied to how we react when God has called us to action.



  A.  Jonah:  “Here am I, I’m not going”Jonah 1:1-3.

    1.  God called him to a work - Preach against Nineveh.

    2.  His reaction showed lack of faith (in God) & love (for souls), cf. Jonah 4:1-5.

    3.  Today:  Fear we are often like Jonah - Running from spiritual obligations, believing we have good reasons which clear us from responsibility.

  B.  Moses:  “Here am I, send Aaron” Exo. 3:10.

    1.  Moses knew the need which existed, he just couldn’t see himself being used by God to meet the need.

    2.  He offered multiple excuses aimed at removing himself from God’s consideration as deliverer of Israel (3:11-4:17).

    3.  Today:  Do we not often rationalize why we are not best suited for some spiritual work - That surely God could find someone other than me to do what needs to be done?

  C.  Isaiah:  “Here am I, send me”Isa. 6:8.

    1.  Motives which prompted Isaiah’s response:

      a.  Majesty / glory of God, 6:1-4.

      b.  Sinfulness of man, 6:5.

      c.  Forgiveness from God, 6:6-7.

    2.  Ready eagerness, cf. 2 Cor. 8:3-5, 11-12.

    3.  This should be the consistent attitude & action of God’s people today!  When was the last time you remember having & acting with such readiness/eagerness in serving the Lord?



  A.  The Call to be Saints­, 1 Cor. 1:2 (9).

    1.  God calls us with a holy calling (gospel), 2 Tim. 1:9.

    2.  God called us in sanctification, 1 Ths. 4:7 (Jno. 17:17).

    3.  Be holy because God is holy, 1 Pet. 1:15-16.

    4.  Some Christians refuse to be sent as saints into the world of sin – Compromise with, participate in, blend in with (1 Jno. 2:15)

    5.  “Hear am I, send me…”

      a.  To be the salt of the earth, Matt. 5:13-15.

      b.  To be a light in the world, Matt. 5:14-16; Phil. 2:14-15.

      c.  To be a sojourner, 1 Pet. 2:11-12.

    6.  Or will we say:  “I’m not going...send someone else.”

  B.  The Call to Service in the Church, Rom. 12:3-8.

    1.  Some still view themselves as spectators rather than participants in the work of the church.

      a.  Spectators:  Speculate, criticize & seek personal pleasure.

      b.  Participant:  Working, improving, growing.

    2.  Many things to do in the church:

         -“Here am I, send me…”

      a.  To teach classes, worship services; bldg. Upkeep…

      b.  To visit & help those in need; to edify, to restore…

      c.  Use your gifts to serve the church, 1 Pet. 4:7-11.

    3.  Or will we say:  “I’m not going...send someone else.”

  C.  The Call of Evangelism, Mk. 16:15; Acts 16:9-10.

    1.  People will not be saved unless we go and preach the gospel to them, Rom. 10:12-15.

    2.  Ability + Opportunity = Responsibility:  Matt. 25:15, 19.

         -True of the individual & true of the church.

    3.  Evangelism goes beyond the “preacher” & “pulpit” preaching, Acts 8:4.

    4.  “Here am I, send me…”

      a.  To teach my family, friends & neighbors, Jno. 1:40-42.

      b.  To teach our community, Acts 5:28.

      c.  To teach the world, Acts 17:6; cf. Rom. 1:15.

    5.  Or will we say:  I’m not going...send someone else.”



1.  How do we react knowing that God has called us to action? 

     -Eph. 4:1:  Worthily, or do we disappoint our God?