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Scripture Reading: Philippians 1:19-26

"Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven..."


1.   Heaven is prepared for those who are prepared, Heb 11:13-16.

2.   74% Americans believe in life after death; 59% believe in hell.

3.   “This world is not my home”… “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven” (Kenny Chesney). First reflects faith; the latter reflects worldliness and unbelief.


Preacher told me last Sunday mornin’
Son, you better start livin’ right

You need to quit the women and whiskey
And carrying on all night

-Life affects your eternity, Gal 6:7-10; Rom 2:5-11

-Jesus warned to live right (repent): Lk 13:3, 5; 1 Pet 4:1-6   (Repent!)

      -Lasciviousness and fornication, Matt 5:27-28; 1 Cor 6:18

      -Alcohol/drugs, 1 Pet 4:3; Prov 20:1


Don’t you wanna hear him call your name
When you’re standin’ at the pearly gates
I told the preacher, “Yes I do”
But I hope they don’t call today
I ain’t ready

-Called into heaven? Matt 25:20-21, 34

-“I hope they don’t call me today”! Phil 1:21-23

   -Are you ready to die? Lk 12:20 (Jas 4:13-17)

   -Unprepared, Psa 52:5-7 / Ready, Psa 39:4-6


Everybody wants to go to heaven
Have a mansion high above the clouds
Everybody want to go to heaven
But nobody want to go now

-Desire ≠ Hope! Rom 8:24-25, 18-19

-Jesus promised “mansions” to faithful, Jno 14:1-3

-Priorities: Heaven later…world now = DEATH! 1 Jno 2:15-17; Matt 6:33

-Deny self and serve Christ, Lk 9:23; Gal 2:20


Said preacher maybe you didn’t see me
Throw an extra twenty in the plate
There`s one for everything I did last night
And one to get me through today
Here’s a ten to help you remember
Next time you got the good Lord’s ear
Say I’m comin’ but there ain’t no hurry
I’m havin’ fun down here
Don’t you know that

-“See me…” cf. Matt 6:1-4

-Giving: Not indulgences that forgive sin! (“The belief that indulgences draw on the storehouse of merit acquired by Jesus’   sacrifice and the virtues and penances of the saints.”) Acts 5:1-      11; 1 Cor 16:2; 2 Cor 9:6-7

   -Views preachers as hirelings! Jude 11 (1 Tim 5:18)

-“Ain’t no hurry”, cf. Eph 5:16

-“Havin’ fun”, cf. Amos 6:3; 9-10; Matt 24:48-51


Everybody wants to go to heaven
Get their wings and fly around
Everybody want to go to heaven
But nobody want to go now

Someday I want to see those streets of gold in my halo
But I wouldn’t mind waitin’ at least a hundred years or so

-Wings and fly around: Very little said of what we do in heaven, save for triumphant glory, honor, life and service unto God,   Rev 21:21-26; 22:1-5


-Wait 100 years? 2 Cor 4:16-18; 2 Tim 4:6-8


Everybody wanna go to heaven
It beats the other place there ain’t no doubt
Everybody wanna go to heaven
But nobody wanna go now

-Heaven and hell are real; nobody wants hell – yet most live for it! Rom 2:5; cf. Matt 5:29-30


Everybody wanna go to heaven
Hallelujah, let me hear you shout
Everybody wanna go to heaven
But nobody wanna go now
I think I speak for the crowd

-Hallelujah: “Praise Jehovah” (Praise the Lord)

   -Keynote of heaven’s triumph song, Rev 19:1, 3-4, 6

-“I think I speak for the crowd”, Matt 7:13-14, 21-23




  -Felix? Acts 24:25; Paul? 2 Tim 4:7-8

2.  Now is the day of salvation! 2 Cor 6:2; Rom 13:11-12