Topical Sermons                                                                                                        Power Point Show

Scripture Reading:  Romans 8:28-32

Kicking Against the Goads


1. If something is from God it will not be overthrown, Acts 5:39.

2. To try to do so just hurts you more & more, Acts 9:5.

3. One of the most frequent ways people fight against God is to rationalize away the clear Bible plan of salvation, especially water baptism.

4. Young woman called Tuesday and we had a long Bible study about how to become a Christian. (She called saying she has "problems” with churches.)

  a.  Asked: “How do you believe you were saved?” (When do you believe you became a Christian?)

  b.  Her answer: Believed and prayed…accepted Jesus as Savior.

5.  I began to present the Bible teaching about what does and does not save the sinner.

6.  She offered several commonly heard objections. She also said she would study what we discussed and be glad to have a follow up discussion.



  A.  Gospel is God’s Power to Save, Rom 1:16.

  B.  The Gospel Can be Understood, Jno 8:31-32.

  C.  The Gospel that was Preached Commands Belief & Baptism to be Saved, Mk 16:16.

  D.  Saul of Tarsus, Acts 9:5-11; 22:10, 16 (believing, repenting, praying sinner, still lost in his sins!).



  A.  The Ethiopian, Acts 8:26-39.

  B.  Pentecost, Acts 2:36-41, 47.

  C.  Necessity of Water Baptism to be Saved, Mk 16:15-16; 1 Pet 3:21.

    1.  Christ’s blood was shed on the cross to remove sin, Heb 9:22; 10:10.

    2.  Baptized into his death, Rom 6:3 (Acts 22:16).



  A.  “What about the thief on the cross; he wasn’t baptized, and he was saved.”

    1.  Jesus forgave sins while on earth, Mk 2:5, 10; Lk 7:48.

    2.  He forgave the thief before he died, Lk 23:42-43.

    3.  Now that he has died, been raised & exalted, his gospel is preached to “every creature” to “believe & be baptized” to be saved, Mk 16:15-16.

  B.  “Baptism is a work, and we are not saved by works.”

    1.  Fear God and work righteousness, Acts 10:34-35.

    2.  Faith is a work, Jno 6:28-29.

    3.  Work of faith, Jas 2:21-24.

    4.  Obedience does not “earn” grace, Lk 17:10.

  C.  “What if someone can’t be baptized or dies on the way?”

    1.  God will be the righteous judge.

    2.  No comfort in disobedience, Heb 5:9

    3.  No comfort if you refuse to go, then die

    4.  Reason not to delay, Acts 16:32-33; 22:16 (Heb 3:7-8).

  D.  “There are so many people who believe they are Christians.”

    1.  Many say so, but not the same as being so, Matt 7:21-23.

    2.  Everyone makes a personal choice about salvation, Matt 7:13-14.

    3.  The wise will hear & obey Jesus, Matt 7:24-27.

  E.  “What church do I have to go to in order to be baptized?”

    1.  Idea that the church authorizes / sanctions baptism: Acts 8:35-38.

    2.  The church does not sanction baptism…Jesus does, Matt 28:19; 1 Cor 1:13.

    3.  Lord added the properly baptized one (saved) to His church, Acts 2:47.

  F.  “So, which is the right church?”

    1.  The one Jesus built, Matt 16:18.

    2.  The one Jesus died for, Eph 5:25 (Acts 20:28).

    3.  The one that is his body, Col 1:18.

    4.  The one Jesus will save, Eph 5:23.

  G.  “How do I find the right church?”

    1.  Could visit every one and put each one to the test (1 Ths 5:21-22).

    2.  Could investigate the church of Christ: Same origin, plan of salvation, name, worship, work.



1.  Satan tries to snatch the word out of the heart when it is heard, Mk 4:15.

2.  Must not delay, but believe & immediately obey Jesus to be saved, 2 Cor 6:2.