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Scripture Reading: Luke 14:15-20

Does God Expect Too Much?



1.  “Life is so busy” – Yet, we find time to watch a baseball or football game. “Life is so hectic” – Yet, we take time to play a round of golf. “I’m so tired by the end of the work week” – Yet, we make time to           exert ourselves with exercise, hunting, fishing, cycling, etc.

2.  Truth is, we do live in a fast-paced world. But…We don’t have to get up at dawn and milk the cows, feed the hogs, start the fire…; Or plant, cultivate, harvest, grind grain and make our own bread (farmers, stores). [American life expectancy: 1750-1850: 36.5 yrs.; 1900-1950, 48 yrs.; 1950-2000, 68 yrs.; 2000-present, 78 yrs.] (

3.  We live the most convenient lives ever on this planet. (leisure time)

4.  Yet, we think we just can’t do everything the Lord wants of us, so we make excuses for not being faithful to the Lord in our lives. We start graduating/minimizing/rationalizing our spiritual needs and obligations.

5.  "Maybe God expects too much of people." "Are we expecting too much of people?"



  A.  Invitation to Come to the Kingdom of God (15-17), Isa. 55:1-3; 2:3.

    1.  Gospel invitation to be saved, Acts 2:38-40.

    2.  We must receive the invitation of God’s word, Acts 2:41.

  B.  Have We become Comfortable with Giving Excuses for Not Obeying the Gospel? (18-20)

    1.  Personal satisfaction justifies “no” (“It is necessary”) (18).

      a.  Employment is necessary, but not to the neglect of first doing God’s will (1 Tim. 5:8), Matt. 6:33-34.

      b.  Remove every hindrance to running our race, Heb. 12:1-2.

    2.  Valid considerations take immediate precedence (19).

      -Delay becomes reasonable as well as convenient, Acts 24:25.

    3.  Prideful selfishness becomes more important (20).

      a.  Does indulgence on Sat. night prevent Sunday AM worship?

      b.  Excuse for not obeying gospel and being faithful: You will be diminished in the eyes of family or business associates; Potentially lose favor, lose a promotion, lose acceptance unless you drink socially, smoke weed, use profanity…


II.  “MAYBE WE ARE EXPECTING TOO MUCH OF PEOPLE.” (Does God expect too much?)

  A.  Is it too Much to have an Unwavering Commitment to Truth? Prov. 23:23

    1.  Abide in truth, Jno. 8:31-32.

    2.  Do not stray from truth, 2 Tim. 2:18.

    3.  Unity in truth, Jno. 17:20-21; Eph. 4:3-6.

    4.  Implant truth in heart and follow it, Jas. 1:21-22.

  B.  Is it too Much to Pray Regularly? 1 Tim. 2:1-2

    1.  Do not omit prayer from your life, 1 Thess. 5:17.

    2.  Pray in every situation about everything, Phil. 4:6.

    3.  Prayer required for spiritual readiness, Eph. 6:18.

  C.  Is it too Much to Live Honestly (in word and in conduct)? Prov. 6:17, 19

    1.  Put away lying, Eph. 4:25. Without qualification; don’t lie.

    2.  Do not pilfer (steal, embezzle) … good fidelity (honesty, faithfulness), Titus 2:9-10.

  D.  Is it too Much to Worship Enthusiastically?

    1.  Not abandoning worship for other, lesser things, Heb. 10:24-25.

    2.  Worship according to truth with all our heart, Jno. 4:24.

    3.  Heart that is reverent and glad, Psa. 122:1.

    4.  Conduct that respects God and gives Him worship acc. to truth, Acts 2:42.

  E.  Is it too Much to Repent Whole-heartedly? 2 Cor. 7:10

    1.  True godly sorrow that identifies our sin, 2 Cor. 7:8-9.

    2.  Repentance that bears fruit, 2 Cor. 7:11 (Acts 19:18-19).

  F.  Is it too Much to be Obedient, Holy Children of God? 1 Pet. 1:13-16

    1.  Be humble in our obedience to God (13-14); Acts 10:34-35.

    2.  Be holy like our Father is holy (15-16); 2 Cor. 7:1.

  G.  Is it Too Much to Hold Fast the Pattern of Sound Words? 2 Tim. 1:13 (Our personal life and the corporate life of the local church)



1.  Doing God’s will in God’s way is never too much to expect!

2.  Problem: We expect too little of ourselves!

3.  All things are ready; come to the feast and be saved, Lk. 14:17; Matt. 11:28-30.



By: Joe R. Price

Posted: June 26, 2018