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The Unusual Style Of The Bible



1.  1 Pet. 3:15 — Evidences that the Bible is the special, divine revelation to mankind.

2.  Review Lesson #2: Unity of the Bible despite many differences (~40 writers, 1500 yr., backgrounds, places, languages -- structure, theme, doctrines) supports its claim.
3.  Continue by looking at the unusual style of the Bible.  How the Bible has been written shows evidence of its supernatural origin (that its writers were guided by the H.S. of God).

4.  At least 4 areas in which the style of the Scriptures is impressive:  Brevity, Omissions, Impartiality & Calmness (simplicity).



  A.  Brevity Of Books (cf. Eccl. 12:12; Eph. 3:3).

    1.  Human tendency to be verbose (cf. Lincoln, Civil War, WWII, etc.). Bible writers not this way.

    2.  cf. Genesis - First 2500 yrs. of world history in 50 chapters (less than one Reader’s Digest!).

      a.  Remarkable condensation of history!

      b.  Creation - 34 verses (cf. average sports report on the Super Bowl!).

    3.  cf. Gospels on the life of Jesus - Relatively short when compared to other important people. (Life & Times of Jesus The Messiah, Edersheim, ~1500 pages)

    4.  cf. Acts - History of early church. (Life & Epistles of the Apostle Paul, Conybeare & Howson, ~750 pages)

  B.  Brevity Of Bible Events.

    1.  Fall of man - Gen. 3:1-24: Origin of sin, shame, suffering, sickness, death, toil, need for Messiah.

    2.  Flood - 3 chapters.

    3.  Life of Jesus:

      a.  Baptism - 10 vss.

      b.  Transfiguration - Matt. 17:1-8. (Total of 24 vss.)

      c.  Death - Total of about 8 chapters.

      d.  Resurrection & ascension - About 6 chapters. 

    4.  Persecutions of Saul & conversion - Parts of 3 chapters.

    5.  1st apostle martyred - 11 words! (Acts 12:2)

    6.  One wonders why the brevity?!  Men, on their own, do not write with such restraint!


II.  THE OMISSIONS OF THE SCRIPTURES - Jno. 20:30-31; 21:25.

  A.  The Life of Christ.

    1.  Life totaled over 12,000 days (ministry - 1,270) - Yet only the events of 31-34 days are mentioned!

    2.  The selective nature of gospels in amazing:

      a.  cf. John - One third covers one day (Jno. 13-19) - Whole book only covers 20 days.

      b.  Mark & John - Nothing of first 30 years of His life.

    3.  No physical description of Jesus!

  B.  Omission Of The Events Of Most Of Apostles - Acts. (mostly Peter & Paul)

  C.  Omission Of Details About Personal Trials & Triumphs - cf. 2 Cor. 11:23-27.   There was an obvious restraint upon the writers!



  A.  Sets Forth Both The Virtues & Follies Of Its Characters With Equal Frankness And Forthrightness.

    1.  Abraham’s deception with its potential to cause others to sin (Gen. 12:10-20; 20:1-12).  -Yet, Jas. 2:23!

    2.  David’s adultery, deception & murder (2 Sam. 11-12).   -Yet, Acts 13:22.

    3.  Peter’s denial (Matt. 26:69-75) & hypocrisy (Gal. 2:11-14).  -Yet, Matt. 16:16-17 [cf. 16:21-23].

    4.  Judas' betrayal with no vindictive reproaches!

  B.  Facts, Not Editorials.



  A.  The Magnificent & The Commonplace Are Described Alike.   (Striking lack of emotional excitement).

    1.  Buying food & feeding 5000 - Mk. 6:35-44.

    2.  Boat ride & walking on water - Mk. 6:45, 48.

    3.  Absence of adjectives (amazing, astounding,…)

  B.  Absence Of Human Tendencies, i.e. Anger, Vanity, Egotism, Ambition.

    1.  Acts of Christ’s betrayal told without malice toward Judas (Matt. 26:14-16, 47-56).

    2.  Murder of John the Baptist without hatred (Matt. 14:6-12).

    3.  Events of Transfiguration without pride (2 Pet. 1:16-18).



1.  Men do not write like the Bible is written!

2.  Which is more reasonable: 40 men, all independently choosing to write this way... .Or, that they were all guided in their writing by the living God?!

3.  Truly, the Bible is God’s book! (2 Tim. 3:16)