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1.  1 Pet. 3:15 - Give an answer (defense) consisting of reasons (words, evidence) which supports your hope.

2.  The Bible reflects the hand of inspiration which gave it (2 Tim. 3:16).

3.  If God inspired the Scriptures they should manifest unity & harmony (Deut. 6:4; 1 Cor. 14:33) -- Not disjointed collection of writings made & gathered by men.  If Bible not inspired, lack of unity will be evident.



  -(66 books - But one book!)

  A.  Striking Differences, Yet Profound Unity Seen In It.

    1.  About 40 different men -- Different centuries (1500 yrs.), backgrounds, places -- One unified book.

    2.  Different backgrounds:  Moses (Acts 7:22, wisdom of Egypt), Joshua (military leader), Solomon (king); Amos (herdsman), Isaiah (statesman), Nehemiah (cupbearer), Matthew (tax collector), Luke (doctor), Peter (fisherman), Paul (tent-maker / scholar).

    3.  Different places: From Italy to Mesopotamia / 3 continents / Wilderness, prisons & palaces.

    4.  Different languages: Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek.

  B.  The Harmony We Shall Consider Defies Human Origin As An Explanation for Its Existence! -All from One, Eternal God!


II.  ITS STRUCTURAL & ORGANIC UNITY (Psa. 119:160; cf. 2 Pet. 3:1-2, 16).

  A.  Structurally United.

    1.  OT & NT built on same general plan.

      a.  Each in 3 parts: Historical, didactic (teaching) & prophetic.

      b.  Dispensational structure linked throughout.

    2.  cf. Symphony: Sub-themes which combine to make one sound.

  B.  The Bible Is An Organic Whole.

    1.  cf. Lk. 24:44 - All parts combine to form the whole.

    2.  Has a definite beginning & end -- Not fragmented.

    3.  Begins at creation -- Ends with consummation in heaven. (Heavens & earth, Gen. 1:1 / New, Rev. 21:1; Tree of life denied, Gen. 3:22 / Access freely, Rev. 22:12].



  A.  From Start To Finish - Theme Of Redemption Present (God redeems man from sin).

    1.  Redemption needed - Gen. 3.

    2.  Promised & prepared by God - Gen. 12:2-3 (Gal. 3:8, 16); …OT…

    3.  Provided in Christ Jesus (birth, life, teachings, death, resurrection, ascension) - Gospel preserve this information for all men!

    4.  Proclaimed - Acts; Explained - Epistles.

    5.  Ultimately realized - Revelation.

  B.  Bible's Unifying Theme Demonstrates Its Divine Origin.

    1.  cf. Differences, yet this thread runs throughout!

    2.  No Internet, no printing press, no telephones, telegraphs, etc.

    3.  Beyond man's capabilities!



  -cf. Differences already discussed. Add to this the limitations of time, travel and communication, the prevalence of idolatry & immorality, & the obvious difficulty of men arriving at agreement on their religious doctrines & practices……Yet, Consistency, Harmony & Unity exist throughout the Bible!! - Rom. 3:4

  A.  Examples:

    1.  Doctrine of God: Mono, eternal & self-evident, omnipotent, holy & unchangeable, …… (Acts 17:22-23; 1 Cor. 8:4-6; Jno. 1:1-3).

    2.  Doctrine of Man: Moral creature w/ volition, responsibility, fallen & in need of spiritual redemption (Psa. 8:3-9).

    3.  Moral Standard: Righteousness is defined & commanded.  Rewarded &/or punished (cf. Gen. 6:5-8).

    4.  Doctrine of Salvation: From Gen. 3:15 to Heb. 2:14-15 -- Man in sin cannot save himself (Prov. 14:12; Jer. 10:23) - God provides salvation & calls man to obey & receive it (Heb. 5:8-9). Never forced to comply.

  B.  If Such Unity Exists, Then Why Is There So Much Division Among Professed Believers?  (Religious division used to discredit the Bible.)

    1.  General answer: Sin (men sin) - 2 Cor. 4:4; Isa. 59:1-2; Rom. 3:23.

    2.  Specific causes include:

      a.  Traditions of men - Mk. 7:6-9, 13.

      b.  Ignorance of scriptures - 2 Pet. 3:15-16.

      c.  Rebellion against what God has said - Rom. 1:18-23.

      d.  Lack of love for God, truth & men - Jno. 14:15; Matt. 22:37-39.

      e.  Mishandling of the scriptures - 2 Tim. 2:15.

*   3.  Bible is not the reason for men's failures!



1.  The unity of the Bible in its (1) Structure & composition, (2) theme, & (3) doctrines provides an important line of evidence to support its claim that it is the word of God.

2.  What is more reasonable: That human genius created 66 books which gel into one Bible, or that the Bible is of divine authorship, the handiwork of the eternal God?!