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Scripture Reading: Revelation 3:7-11

Choices Local Churches Must Make


1.  Neither individual Christians nor churches can live on the accomplishments of the past, Phil 3:12-14; Rev 2:2-5.

2.  Very sobering words in Rev 3:1-2; Name…but dead!

3.   We must keep pressing forward just as the faithful of old:

  a.  Israel at Red Sea, Exo 14:13-16.

  b.  Joshua’s charge to Israel, Josh 24:14-15.

  c.  Elijah challenged Israel at Mt. Carmel, 1 Kgs 18:21.

4.  Consider some choices this (every) local church must make.


I.  WILL WE STAND OR FALL? 2 Ths 2:15; 1 Cor 16:13

  A.  Against False Doctrine and Compromise? Rev 2:2, 14-16

    1.  Know and properly use God’s word to do so, 2 Tim 2:14-16.

    2.  Withstand false teachers: Carefully examine what is taught and do not invite into our midst those who advance error! Jude 3-4

    3.   Otherwise, consequences are awful! 2 Pet 2:1-3

    4.   Compromise makes room for error, cf. Gal 2:4-5.

    5.   Examples:

      a.  Liberalism (work/organ./worship) of the local church.

      b.  Divorce and remarriage errors. (Matt 19:9)

      c.  Moral sins: Immodesty, social drinking, dancing (1 Pet 4:1-4).

      d.  Redefining leadership to include women (1 Tim 2:8-12).

  B.  In the Face of Opposition? Lk 12:51-53; Matt 24:9-13 (Prov 24:10)

    1.  Family, friends, admired preachers, elders, members…

    2.  Steadfastness and patience to stand and be saved! (Rev 3:8)


II.  WILL WE WORK FOR THE LORD? Jno 9:4 (Rom 12:11)

  A.  God has given us Work to do, cf. Jno 17:4.

    1.  Elders: Oversee souls, Acts 20:28-31; 1 Pet 5:2.

    2.  Deacons: Serve the church.

    3.   Preacher and teachers, 2 Tim 4:1-2.

    4.   Members: Every one supplying their part, Eph 4:16.

    5.   Must always put service over self

    6.   Requires spiritual growth, 1 Pet 2:1-2; 2 Pet 3:18.


III.  WILL WE BE UNITED AND AT PEACE? Gen 13:8; Psa 133:1; 1 Cor 1:10

  A.  Right Attitudes and Actions (reactions), Eph 4:1-3; Col 3:12-15.

  B.  Right Treatment of Each Other, Gal 5:13-15 (love and service).

  C.  Peace at the Expense of Truth is not Love, it is Selfishness.

    1.  To avoid conflict with men when truth is at stake is to love men more than God! Jno 12:42-43; Gal 2:11

    2.  Love, knowledge and spiritual discernment are crucial to meet all (potential) threats to peace and unity, Phil 1: 9-11.



1.  Danger of making wrong decisions: Forfeit fellowship with Christ! Rev 1:13, 20; 2:5

2.  Choose this day, and every day, who you will serve. Josh 24:15

3.   Remember: we will answer for the choices we make, 2 Cor 5:10.