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Scripture Reading: 1 Chronicles 29:16-20

Builders for God


1.  All we do must have God’s sanction or it will ultimately fail, Psa 127:1.

2.  God given us the responsibility to be builders (to strengthen, establish and stabilize):

  a.  The church, Acts 4:11-12; Eph 2:19-22; 4:14-16; 1 Cor 14:26.

  b.  Ourselves, Acts 20:32; Col 2:6-7; 2 Pet 1:5-8.

  c.  Relations with others, Rom 14:19; 15:2; 1 Ths 5:11; Eph 4:29.

3.  By remembering some Bible building projects we can learn how to be “master builders” in the kingdom of God (1 Cor 3:10).


I. THE ARK, Gen 6:13-21; 7:5.

  A.  An Obedient Heart, 6:22; 7:5.

    1.  Our projects will require obedience to accomplish.

    2.  The cost of obedience, Lk 6:46; 14:27-28.

  B.  Faithful Endurance, Heb 11:7.

    1.  Massive size, only Noah and 3 sons to bring animals of “every sort”, food gathering.

    2.  Time lapse could have discouraged; preaching the message of repentance and judgment went unheeded.

    3.  Like Noah, we must build in faith.

  C.  Deliverance from God, Heb 11:7. (God’s objective fulfilled)



  A.  God’s Pattern must be Followed, Exo 25:8-9 (Acts 7:44; Heb 8:5).

    1.  Build up the church with the truth, Eph 4:15-16.

    2.  Build up ourselves with the gospel, Acts 20:32.

    3.  Build up our relations like Christ did, Rom 15:2-3.

  B.  Giving will be Necessary to Effectively Build, Exo 25:1-8.

    1.  Willing heart to give and sacrifice, Exo 35:4-5, 20-22.

    2.  God’s will for the building up of the church, of ourselves and of our relations will only be accomplished through our freewill offerings, Exo 35:29; cf. 2 Cor 8:5, 11-12; 9:7.



  A.  Preparation is needed to Successfully Build, 1 Chrn 28:2; 29:2.

    1.  David’s desire caused him to prepare to build (had it in his heart), 1 Chrn 28:2.

    2.  He prepared with all his might, 1 Chrn 29:2.

    3.  To prepare our hearts and lives to build for God we must:

     a.  Set our mind, Col 3:1-2.

     b.  Be diligent workmen (with all our might), 2 Tim 2:15.

     c.   Remain diligent, Phil 3:12-14.

  B.  Remember: We are Builders for God, not Men, 1 Chrn 29:1, 16.

    1.  We are working together to build for God’s glory, 1 Cor 3:5-10.

    2.  Always keep God in sight, working together for today and for the future.



  A.  Commitment to God’s Work, Neh 1:2-4.

    1.  Without it, apathy and procrastination will set in, cf. Acts 20:19-20.

    2.  Must have “a mind to work”, Neh 4:6.

    3.  Committed to importance of our “building projects” (the church, ourselves and our relations with each other), 1 Cor 15:58.

  B.  Withstand the Opposition, Neh 4:1-6; 6:1-4.

    1.  Enemies of God’s work will despise you (4:4); try to discourage you (4:1) and distract you (6:2-3, 6-9); cf. Matt 5:10-12.

    2.  We are doing “a great work” when we build up the church, ourselves and our relations in Christ, Neh 6:3.

    3.  We will always have to contend with discouragers who try to hinder God’s work.



1.  God wants us to be builders (Heb 3:4)

  a.  God uses willing servants who will act in faith to accomplish His “building projects”.

  b.  Will this church be strengthened? Will I be strengthened in faith and grow in Christ? Will my relations be secured (brethren, family, etc.)?

2.  Yes, through an obedient faith, sacrifice, submission to God’s pattern, preparation and commitment that withstands opposition.