Topical Sermons                                                                                                             Power Point Show

Scripture Reading:  Genesis 50:22-26


1.  People of faith continue to speak & influence us from beyond the grave, Heb. 11:4.

2.  Joseph, a son of Israel, a remarkable man of faith.


I.  THE BONES OF JOSEPH (Heb. 11:22; Gen. 50:25; Exo. 13:19; Josh. 24:32).

  A.  Joseph had Faith in God’s Promise, Heb. 11:22; Gen. 50:24-26.

    1.  God gave His word, cf. Gen. 48:21 (46:3-4).

    2.  Jacob (Israel) gave land to Joseph, Gen. 48:21-22 (Jno. 4:5-6).

       -(Where Joseph was buried, Josh. 24:32, near Jacob’s well.)

    3.  God has promised us a land; heaven, Phil. 3:20 (Heb. 11:16).

  B.  Joseph’s Faith Urged Israel to have Patience & Endure, Gen. 50:25“God will surely visit you.”  

    1.  Hundreds of years passed before fulfillment!  (Exo. 12:40-41)

    2.  In the meantime, terrible burden of slavery (Exo. 1:11-14).

    3.  Israel remembered God’s word (promises), & God remembered His promises to them, Exo. 2:23-25.

    4.  Heb. 6:12: Through faith & patience, we inherit the promises!

      a.  The time of testing can be long; & the trials of our faith, harsh, 1 Pet. 3:13-17; Matt. 10:22 (Gal. 5:7); Jas. 1:12.

      b.  We must remember God’s word & His promises to us, Titus 1:1-3; 2 Pet. 1:2-4

    5.  God’s promises to us include…

      a.  Savior & salvation (Acts 13:23, 32-33; 2:39).

      b.  Eternal life, Titus 1:2 (1 Jno. 2:25).

      c.  Not to forsake us (Heb. 13:5-6).

      d.  All spiritual blessings (prayer, provisions, etc.), Eph. 1:3.

      e.  An inheritance (heaven), Gal. 3:29 (Rom. 8:17).

    6.  God always remembers us; we must endure, Heb. 6:9-12; Heb. 10:36-39

  C.  Faith Requires Obedience to be Complete, Exo. 13:19.

    1.  Israel had to remember God’s promise & their oath to Joseph to take his bones with them out of Egypt (Gen. 50:25).

    2.  Bones of Joseph carried victoriously through the Red Sea to the glory of Mt. Sinai. There at the shame of the golden calf & when Israel repeatedly tested God…wilderness wanderings…death of Aaronvictories east of Jordan…death of Mosesconquest of Canaan before being buried at Shechem (Josh. 24:32).

    3.  Faith compels us to remember God’s word & our “oath” to obey Him, Heb. 8:10-12.

      a.  Not to turn back to things that can never save us, Gal. 4:8-9.

      b.  Will not be made perfect (complete, whole) in faith by turning back to the flesh, Gal. 3:1-9 (3); Eph. 4:20-24.

    4.  Obedient faith saves, Jas. 2:17-18, 24.

  D.  Obedient Faith Assures our Hope, Heb. 11:1.

    1.  Bones of Joseph a memorial to the faithfulness of God.

    2.  Joseph was sure of God’s promises, & so he put Israel under oath (Exo. 13:19).

    3.  Hope is desire plus expectation, Heb. 6:18.

      a.  Desire“...set before us”

      b.  Expectation: God cannot lie, therefore, “lay hold of the hope…”

    4.  No disappointment in hope, Rom. 5:3-5.

      a.  Joseph did not despair in death – He lived & died in hope!

      b.  We must live in hope & die in faith (Heb. 11:13), unashamed of God’s promises & of our expectant desire to receive them in Christ.



1.  The dead bones of Joseph testify to a living faith in this man of faith.

2.  Near where his bones had long since returned to the dust, Jesus spoke of living water that gives everlasting life, Jno. 4:5, 12.

3.  The bones of Joseph teach us to have faith in the promises of God (who always fulfill His word), patience as God accomplishes His will in us (Phil. 2:12-13), obedience to do the will of God, & hope that anchors our soul (Heb. 6:19).