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Scripture Reading: Acts 8:32-39

Baptism Now Saves Us



1.  There is widespread misunderstanding about water baptism:

  a.  “Not necessary”; “Needed, but not for salvation”; “Outward sign of inward grace”; “Removes inherited sin”; “‘In the name of Jesus’ only”; “Who performs it crucial”; “Sprinkle”, “Pour”, “Immerse”; ad infinitum.

  b.  This has discouraged some from admitting God’s purpose for baptism as well as their obedience to it.

2.  Also true that some think baptism accomplishes some things it does not do. What baptism does not do, what it does, and your spiritual condition in light of this truth.



  A.  Baptism does not Change the Heart, Acts 2:38.

    1.  Repentance is a change of mind (will) that is very distinct from baptism, Acts 17:30; 2 Pet. 3:9.

    2.  cf. John’s message of repentance, Matt. 3:2, 6-8.

      a.  Godly sorrow -- Repentance -- Salvation, 2 Cor. 7:10.

      b.  Then, a change in conduct of life, Rom. 6:4; Rev. 9:20-21.

  B.  Baptism does not Remove Temptations.

    1.  cf. Jesus, Lk. 3:21 -- 4:13; 22:28: Tempted throughout life.

    2.  cf. Corinthians, Acts 18:8, yet... 1 Cor. 10:13.

    3.  Unrealistic expectation, Jas. 1:12.

  C.  Baptism does not Remove Sins Committed after Baptism.

    1.  Baptism washes away sins of your past, Acts 22:16.

    2.  Christian must repent and pray, Acts 8:12-13, 18-24.

    3.  Christian confesses his sin to God to be forgiven, 1 Jno. 1:9.

    4.  In baptism we experience a death to sin; Cannot continue to live in it without facing God’s condemnation of sin, Rom. 6:1-4.

    5.  cf. Adultery, lying, extortion, covetousness, vulgarity...

  D.  Baptism does not Guarantee Eternal Salvation.

    1.  It is a new birth, a beginning, Jno. 3:3, 5; Rom. 6:3; 2 Cor. 5:17.

    2.  cf. Israel – An example for us, 1 Cor. 10:1-6.

    3.  Spiritual maturity -- Never stumble --Entrance into the eternal kingdom, 2 Pet. 1:8-10.

    4.  Baptism is not a license for spiritual neglect, Heb. 3:14.



  A.  Saves the Sinner, Mk. 16:16; 1 Pet. 3:21.

  B.  Remission of Sins, Acts 2:38 (3:19).

      -The question of what to do about our sin is answered in baptism.

  C.  Reach the Benefit of Christ’s Death, Rom. 6:3-4 (5:8-10).

      -The problem of how we obtain His blood in our life is solved.

  D.  Washes Away Sins, Acts 22:16 (1 Pet. 3:21).

      -The cleansing power of Christ’s blood received with this appeal.

  E.  Made Free from Sin, Rom. 6:17-18 (Col. 2:12, 20).

      -Liberty from the bondage of sin occurs in baptism.

  F.  Put on Christ, Gal. 3:27 (Rom. 6:3, 5-11).

      -The desire for a relationship with Christ is fulfilled in baptism; this is when it begins.

  G.  Enter the Body of Christ, 1 Cor. 12:13 (Acts 2:41, 47).

      -When baptized the Lord adds the saved person to His church (saved ones, Eph. 5:23).



  A.  Not yet Saved. You are still lost in need of salvation.

  B.  Your Sins Remain. They have not been blotted out.

  C.  Christ’s Death has not yet Helped You. You are still His enemy.

  D.  Your Sins have not been Cleansed. The stain of your sin remains.

  E.  Still in Bondage to Sin. You are still its slave.

  F.  Have not yet Put On Christ. No relationship with Him.

  G.  Not in Christ’s Body. Not saved; not a Christian; not in the church of Christ.



1.  Do you want to be saved? Then believe the gospel and be baptized, Mk. 16:15-16.

2.  Do you want to be lost? Then do not believe that baptism is necessary for your salvation, and you will remain lost in your sins (condemned).




By: Joe R. Price

Posted: January 9, 2015