Acts 17:30-31


Two law concept (Aliens under a "universal moral law" while Christians are under law to Christ).




1.  E. C. Fuqua (The Warren-Fuqua Debate):

(Fuqua made a Civil Law / Church Law distinction)---

"I therefore again beg of him to bring forth the Scriptures that tell us that the World is under the law of Christ. And by "World" I mean the World that I have said is under Civil Law exclusively."

(p. 49)

"It must be emphatically understood, that the World is without law from God or Christ: the Church alone is under Christ’s law." (p. 57)

"Sin against Christ is not imputed to the World, while sin in general is imputed to it." (p. 120)

"It is God’s Perfect marriage law in the Church, for Matt. 19:9 states Christ’s law to His Church. It has no particle of reference to the World." (P. 120)


(cf. Psa. 110:1-3; Heb. 1:3; Jno. 17:2; 16:8-9)


2.  James D. Bales (Not Under Bondage):

(Bales modifies Fuqua’s position, advocates "covenant legislation")--

"I agree with Warren that the non-covenant people, during the time the law of Moses was in force, were under the unwritten law of Romans 1:18-2:15. I maintain that non-covenant people today are still under this law...." (p. 168)

"It should also be observed that neither Paul nor Christ legislated on marriage, divorce, and remarriage for two unbelievers. Therefore, we have no right to bind on people in the world the law of Christ, which He bound on two married people who are in His covenant. Once they obey the gospel they come under Christ’s law in this matter and they are not to divorce and remarry except for fornication." (p. 10)


(cf. Acts 17:30-31; 1 Cor. 6:9-11)


3.  Homer Hailey (The Divorced and Remarried Who Would Come To God):

(Hailey advocates a "universal moral law" which condemns the alien sinner)--

"If, as some say, the universal moral law under which the Gentiles lived (and all now live) is taken out of the way at the cross, and those in the world are now under Christ’s law (the gospel), what now is the ground of death?....Christ’s law cannot make dead, because Christ’s system makes alive...." (pp. 36-37)

"What does this have to do with the subject of marriage - divorce - remarriage? It simply shows that the people of the world are under a system of law other than Christ’s new covenant. They are under the universal moral law of God, and the violation of this law makes one a sinner." (p. 37)

"This law, though never codified in written form, was never abrogated." (p. 47)


(cf. Matt. 28:18; Jno. 16:8-9; Acts 17:30-31; Rom. 1:16)